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Blood Shadow Anime DVD Review

Ninja style hentai isn't exactly a rare genre, it's something that's done pretty often and usually pretty poorly. So going into Blood Shadow, my expectations were very low, but I found myself pleasantly surprised on many levels. The animation is fantastic, the storyline is fun and the sex scenes are very enjoyable. I haven't been this happy with a hentai release in some time. The premise is pretty simple. In this world, demons are a dime a dozen and hiding around every corner. In an effort to eliminate the problem, a special task force is set up called the Crimson Lotus, which is seemingly made up entirely of women and one man. These warriors travel the land either in groups or alone, seeking out demons to eliminate before moving on to their next target. We're introduced right away to Tsukikage and her companion Rekka, the only male of the group we know about. Rekka is like a younger brother to her as she's taken care of him since she found him without his memory many years ago, raising him in the ways of her training that allowed him to be perfectly suited for the Crimson Lotus mission. Read More Click Me!

Blood + Season 2 Review

More than anything else, Blood+ is a reminder of the simple pleasures afforded by a well-written, well-executed mainstream anime. That's as true in its second half as in its first, even as the series exhausts itself with a few too many inconclusive battles before winding down to a rather tired conclusion. Blood+'s enviable ratio of human drama to action stays tight as the series moves through its second half. The series flits from exotic set-piece to exotic set-piece: inhuman swordfights in the hotels and harbors of Paris, gritty confrontations on the fog-shrouded streets of London, desperate impromptu struggles in the picturesque English countryside, aerial battles in the dark skies of New York. For globetrotting anime action it's hard to beat. And those same locales also serve as backdrops for some potent emotions. The ancient streets of Paris enfold Kai as he accompanies a dying vampire girl on her last walk; the claustrophobic innards of a mid-sea cruise ship imprison Saya as a horrifying act shatters her dreams of a normal life; and the glittering emerald countryside caresses her as the hope rekindles. Rarely have bloody vampire action, musty old-European atmosphere, and gleaming modern alienation been so cleanly wed, and never with the visceral, emotional success seen here. To Read More Click me!

Blood+ Collection 2 Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) After a nearly eighteen month delay between the two sets, Blood+ has finally finished out with another twenty-five episodes to tell the modern day story of Saya, Diva and their bloody and violent relationship that has spend a couple of centuries. Sony continues to have a real problem in handling anime TV series, though they do movies wonderfully, and Blood+ has suffered heavily because of its release format. With so much time between the releases, and singles stretched out for far too long, much of the enthusiasm has died away. What makes it worse is that Blood+ is a fairly lazy and circumspect series in how it plays out. This set doesn't start off in a good way for people who have been away for awhile as it continues where it left off which wasn't a really strong end point and there's no quick recap here to help reacquaint yourself with the show. With the twenty-five episodes here, there are basically two arcs to it that deal with what's going on, and both of them move very slowly while being punctuated with moments of action that are admittedly exciting at times. The cast in general seems to be somewhat listless and without direction, which makes it hard to get enthused about it as they seem to sit around waiting for something to happen and then act. To Read More Click Me!

Great entertainment!

i thoroughly enjoyed Blood+! i watched season 1 on DVD which i got from Netflix, but i just was not satisfied. i needed more, so i decided to check on SideReel to see if the series was here AND IT WAS!!! i watched the rest of the tv series in one day. i just could not resist. rumor has it that a live action film is being made based on the anime movie that spawned the Blood+ TV series, Blood: The Last Vampire. i would recommend Blood+ to those who love anime.


Everyone should watch Blood+. It's as simple as that. It combines action, romance and vampires (chiropterans technically) What more does a show need? This is probably the best show, not just anime, that I've ever seen. The characters are so amazing and well developed! I loved them so much!!!! Especially Haji, he was the perfect guy. Ass kicking, music playing, gardening, and blood drinking. : ) I almost, not quite, but almost cried when the show ended. I still need more Blood+! but I have to settle for watching it over again. How sad.

the best thing i've ever seen

from the very first episode, I was hooked! I watched the last 10 episodes in one day! It was so incredible!!! I don't know how else to put it but the best thing EVER!