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What did u think about the last episode of Bones? All i could do is say : Oh... My... GOD... This last episode started in such a dramatic way! i couldn't believe that booth was dead, and then they hung on that idea for the first few minutes, with the funeral, with the picture bout Booth, the speeches, and all that stuff made it really credible until we final saw him :D... OMG such a relief... HAHAHA and then i couldn't stop laughing at the situation... Afterwards there's all the situation with Gormogon and Hodge and Sweets and then Zack. I'm glad that sweets wasn't gormogon, but the writers made it pretty tough to figure it out with all the strange scenes on Hodge, which made him seem really scary, and the confession that sweets made too was pretty tough to interpret. All in all, it was a nail biter... we figured out who was gormogon: some nut job who looked completely insane with his 32 canines, we found out that Zack was the new apprentice and that he was the one that killd the corruptor, which made more sense when in the previous episode he told everyone about his training regiment and how strong he truly was. Still i didn't feel completely filled after watching it, maybe they went too quick with the capture of the killer and we didnt get to know him well enough to say that he deserved it or something... meh, all i hope is that we get a 4th season as good as the 3rd one. Maybe with the Gravedigger arrest as the season finale for season 4 ... who knows... i just miss that gravedigger guy :P

Box set

Does anyone know when the bones season 3 box set will be out?

sort of confused

First of all, I can't believe Zack was gormogons apprentice, he wassuch a good character. I don't really understand what would motivate him though. He was saying that 'The Master' approached him however long ago, but it didn't explain why Zack would want to kill that man. Now that I think about it, maybe it sort of did, but its still not working for me.

Who else feels terrible after watching the season finale?

Season finale huge SURPRISE: Man, I was incredibly upset to find out ZACH was the apprentice. So sad. I'm going to totally miss his character's innocence. The whole time they made Hodgins or Sweets look completely scary and suspect. So the whole Zach is the killer is completely upsetting. Zach was the original loveable character! We better see some Bones and Seeley love next season or else this dramatic finale will NOT be worth it. Am I the only one upset about Zach?


new epesoid today.....sad. booth is..well could be....sould be dead. next monday i'll find out and tell you too.if he is of the show i will not wacth it any more.:(

New episodes

Hey does anyone know when the new episodes are gona be available online? They've already aired haven't they...(ep14 and 15) Thanks

Who is Gormogon?

Lets now speculate on who can be Gormogon. As we've seen it in earlier episodes they've caught Gormogon 3, which then suicided, and gormogon 1 is about 80 years of age, toothless, and has Alzheimer's. However the second recruit is still out there and is pissed off that Booth and Brennan have discovered is secret lair with his pieces of art. In more recent episodes we have seen the second gormogon try to kill booth and brenan and eventually succeed at killing his corrupter. If you watch closely that episode (knight on the grid) at the very end you can see gormogon's face... maybe not clearly but at least its something. And don't get me wrong, but i really think Gormogon must be considered as a male character from that last scene. We have to recognize that he is very athletic and smart to be able to escape Booth's attempt to catch him in the corrupter's house. Conclusion, take out Booth, all the female characters, Zack, Hodg out of the possibilities of being the killer. One guy we might have considered, if only he wasn't in jail, is Brennan's brother. He's got all the attributes pointing at him. Dad was an escape artist, probably did some time in the system, became pretty smart working a bit with his sister and father, and he looks much like the last scene when we can see Gormy kill the corrupter. Hope this helps confuse you all a bit more. :P Haha

Love dis show!

I love this show sooooo much!! I got so hooked! I love how they figure out they gotta figure out the mystery at the end! its so cool! whenever there is a commercial....you always want more lol! I really like the cast to! I think Zack is funny! and very smart, socially akward, but very sweet and funny! (plus, Eric is my 2nd cousin!) Hodgins is so cool! I really like his eyes! Angela is so sweet and like somebody who you would wanna be bffs with! and Brennanis very smart and seems very nice, and Booth is very protactive and serious, but like to have fun i bet! and Cameron i dont know much about.....

re: season 2 finale

I haven't been able to find a link to watch "Player Under Pressure" at all. I don't think that it was originally aired, even though IMDB does indicate that it aired in April, all other sources indicate that it was supposed to have aired in April. IMDB has it as a season finale, but storyline-wise, this episode is NOT the season finale - that would have to be the "Stargazer" episode where Angela and Jack almost marry. I might just have to shell out the money for the DVD rental of that episode at Blockbuster. Bites.

i hate writers strike

i hate the writers' strike! it's going to be a month more until the new episodes are out. ARGH! The execs should have just given them what they wanted, should not have resulted to this!