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'Bones' Preview: Episode 5.19 'The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle'

Are you ready to rock, Bones fans? Well, you should be because tonight's episode is all about music. This week's case brings Brennan and Booth to a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp--the last place where a rich adventure-seeker was spotted before his body is found in a hotel laundry machine. More interestingly, we find out that the victim was beaten to death with a guitar but that's nothing compared to what Angela and intern Arastoo find out in the lab. In the episode "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle," the Jeffersonian team combines a fragment of prehistoric wooly mammoth tusk that was found with the remains, and Angela's knowledge of the music industry to narrow down the list of potential . To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Bones 5.19 "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle''

Alright, look, I love David Boreanaz. The man's got many skills. Singing? Not so much. I watched "Angel". So the fact that it looks like he will be singing in the April 29 new episode of Bones kind of scares me. But also makes me laugh. Try to find videos of Angel singing Barry Manilow. Hilarious. FOX has released promo photos and a synopsis for the April 29 episode. Check them out below. BRENNAN AND BOOTH INVESTGATE A DEATH AT A ROCK ‘N ROLL FANTASY CAMP ON AN ALL-NEW “BONES” THURDAY, APRIL 29, ON FOX. To Read More Click Here .