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s03e10 Fly

wow, intense! this show just stays awesome.

SideReel: This Week in TV - 3.21.2010

Check out this week's all new episode of "This Week in TV" with Kendra and Rachel. 3 Exciting Segments this week: What We're Most Excited For on TV New on SideReel Best Shows You're Not Watching Give it a watch and tell us what you think! This Week in TV - 3.21.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. Tell us what you are most and least excited for on TV here!

A show that never disappoints..

Wow...just wow. I did not realize how much i missed Breaking Bad until I watched the season 3 premier last night. Jesse in rehab, his acceptance of the 'fact' that he is the bad guy. Walter's dilemma with his family and the 3 million dollar proposal. His reaction was priceless :). The two silent assassins were a really nice touch. Walt junior's reaction to skyler. Skyler's confrontation with Walt. The writers always deliver and I cannot wait to see what they bring us next week. This show is truely awesome.

Wazzup with BB ?

Guys does someone know about the release date of Season 3 of "Breaking bad" ? , I searched all over the net , and I didn't find anything positive .

best intro ever!!!

:D A nice break from the usual dramatic intro most shows have

Weeds, Breaking Bad, The Wire: Who's the Coolest Drug Dealer of Them All? - Featured

Now that we've hit the lighter summer TV season, I've been catching up on favorites I let slide during the fall TV season, and also catching those shows on my to-watch list. So while recently catching up on the amazing finale of Breaking Bad , digging into Season 1 of Weeds , and devouring Season 4 of The Wire , I began to wonder how my TV world became so packed full of not only drug-related shows, but unusual drug dealers! Breaking Bad and Weeds are especially atypical in that they feature suburbanites thrown into drug dealing under unfortunate circumstances. Both drug dealing main characters find themselves in desperation to make lots of money, and fast. The Wire , on the other hand, has some more typical drug dealers on the rough streets of Baltimore, but still has some intriguingly unusual guys like Stringer Bell who attends business classes at a community college to learn to be a better businessman in his particular line of business. So, while of course we're all smart enough (and learn enough lessons from the trouble these guys and gals do get in) to know drugs and drug dealing is not cool, these shows all provide some absolutely intriguing characters and plotlines circulating around a fascination with these unusual drug dealers and their stories, and let's face it - these characters in the TV world, are seriously cool in their toughness and creative ways of entering and dealing with the drug world. So, in that light, who would you say is the coolest, most clever, most intriguing, and unusual drug dealer of them all? Feel free to add in anyone I've missed! Weeds - Nancy Botwin Breaking Bad - Walter White The Wire - Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale, Omar Little Who else?

please, someone, upload!!!!

i'd do it for you !!!

Finally my fix

Thanks to whoever finally found a link, seriously 24hrs on top of the 7 days is far too long too wait, now on to the episode 4 Days Out, I seriously almost lost hope for the duo out in the desert and was even expecting bad results for walts scan because of what he saw. Prepared for the worst in both situation I couldn't hold back the joy from the way things turned out, I was seriously throwing my hands up the whole episode. I'm curious though as to what was up with Walt's reaction to what I thought was good news. I mean I guess he was prepared for what he thought was the inevitable and maybe he was pissed at the time he lost, the lies he'd told, and the risks he'd taken for his family, but man... 600 Grand?!? Jesse is set for a long long time if they can sell the whole batch without a hitch and they still have 10 gallons left though the way I see it, with good news like this, Walt may be wanting to get out now and I see a clear conlusion in the show so I guess it's time for a new antagonistic situation to appear.


didnt u guys jus love the new episode it surely met my expectations how bout yall

Season 1 Concluded

Season 1 of Breaking Bad has ended, so 7 episodes makes the full first season. Hopefully we'll be hearing soon that it's been renewed for a 2nd season, but until then, unfortunately, this is all there is!