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'Breaking Bad's' Finale is a Crazy Rollercoaster Ride! - Featured

If you've ever watched " Law & Order ," " CSI ," " NYPD Blue " or any other procedural cop show there is a good chance you've see Aaron Paul playing one of a million potential suspects. But if you've caught him in " Big Love " or " Breaking Bad " you suspect that this actor might be one in a million. Able to turn, on a dime, from terrifying to terrified, scary to sweet or capable to incapable, Aaron is an up and coming actor whose time to shine has finally arrived -- pay attention to this man, Emmy's! And as his stellar AMC series hurtles toward Sunday's shocking season finale, his character, Jesse, has found himself nearing rock bottom. New York Post PopWrap had the chance to find out, from Aaron, what fans can look forward to on Sunday, whether he'll be back on "Big Love" next year and why the internet is every actor's best friend: Aaron Paul: 'Breaking Bad's' Finale is a Crazy Rollercoaster Ride!' Related Stories: Emmy predictions: Drama, Best Supporting Actor and Actress This Week's TV Premieres & Finales (5/24 - 5/29) 2009 Prism Awards Winners in TV A Good Break For Breaking Bad!