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I love this programme!

I am from England and I absolutly love Brothers and Sisters but none of my friends agree with me that it is one of the best programmes ever!! :)

does anyone know??

when will pushing daisies new season be out? when will private practice new season be out? when will brothers and sisters new season be out? when will greys anatomy new season be out?

Brothers & Sisters: Choose Your Ryan Walker

I'm assuming that everyone that cares has seen the season finale of Brothers & Sisters by now and thus knows that 1) Rebecca is not a Walker and 2) there is likely another bastard Walker, but of the male variety. This story line concerns me just a little bit. Firstly, while all of the "incest" complaints don't bother me quite as much as others, it just saddens me that the show has undone a relationship that they have spent 2 seasons building. Secondly, I feel like revealing and meeting this new "Walker" will only end up feeling like a redo (and reusing) of the original "Meet the new Walker" plot. That being said, it is still fun to hypothesize who will play this Ryan Walker character. While casting has not yet begun, one rumor is that a name being thrown around is none other than Gregory Smith (who starred in another Greg Berlanti show - Everwood - along with "Rebecca", Emily Vancamp). I would be in full support of this casting, as I always loved both Everwood and Smith's performance! Any other ideas or suggestions for the part? Throw them out below! Source: E!Online

Where's Season One

I love this series but because of school and work, i wasnt able to catch the second season. I want to start it from the beginning to refresh my memory, so does anyone know where's season one??

such a short series?

ahhhhhhh i didnt know that was the finale for season 2?? how come there were only 16 episodes this season? i can be waiting for series 3, i want to know now! when does the third series air?

Season Three

Hi guys, the creators surely left us hanging in there with a hook (what's to happen next with this ominous sixth Walker child) and to those who've been voting for Justin and Becca from the start, a little conciliation for the long waiting. Anyway, does somebody know, when to expect the airing of the next season? I can't wait to see what's coming up next, so if you got any news, please let me know! Cheers

Scotty and Kevin!

the end of tonight's episode was SO adorable! i was totally all teary-eyed by the end of it. i'm glad that something good came out of all the messiness, but i really really hope Rebecca and Justin figure things out soon, they would be so cute together.

who does joe think he is????

argh i felt like throwing something at the tv today...... First he cheats on her............. with rebbeca.....now he wants the kids!!!!! the nerve!!!!

half episodes?

I like this show a lot but what's with the half episodes on the second half of season 1? I've been looking for the second part elsewhere but haven't found anything. Does anyone know any other links? Thanks!

Brothers & Sisters Returns April 20th

Currently, Brothers & Sisters is set to return on Sunday, April 20th for 4 new episodes. As far as the half episode videos, those are generally videos that are half the episode, but not labels that way when added to SideReel. Feel free to edit them as Part 1 of 2, or whatever fits for the link. Thanks!