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Bull's Ex Cast With Jane the Virgin Star

Bulls ex-wife is not being played by Cote de Pablo. Rather, another familiar face is filling the role: Jane the Virgins Yara Martinez. Per TV Insider, Martinez has been cast as IsabellaColon, a hugely successful fashion/health/lifestyleguru who in addition to being Jasons ex is also, of course, TAC team member Bennys estranged sister. Izzy reenters [] //

'Bull': 9 Problems TAC Ran into in 'Callisto'

Dr. Bull and the TAC team (minus Cable) headed to a small Texan town in Bull episode 4, "Callisto" -- and it's the only place where Dr. Bull has lost a case. While they ran into plenty of problems, fortunately, they were able to work around them and help their client. Here's what didn't go TAC's way in "Callisto."   ...Read More... //

'Bull,' 'Kevin Can Wait' and 'MacGyver' Grab Full-Season Pickups at CBS

Each of the three first-year series have received an order for nine more episodes. ....Read More... //

Bull: Dr. Bull Gets Caught with His Pants Down in This Exclusive Sneak Peek

From what we've seen, Dr. Jason Bull ( Michael Weatherly ) is pretty unflappable on the new hit drama Bull . But that might change in the next episode, when the trial scientist gets caught with his pants down - literally. An exclusive promo for next Tuesday's episode, which by the looks of things will ...Read More... //

'Bull' Episode 4 Photos: The Team Travels to a Small Town Where Dr. Bull Suffered His Only Trial Loss

Dr. Bull has lost a trial before, but just one, according to what has been released about Bull episode 4, "Callisto." So what's going to happen when his latest client means revisiting that time in his life? According to CBS, "When Bull and Trial Analysis Corp. help a young woman fight a drug patent lawsuit, they are forced to travel to Callisto, the small Texan town where Bull suffered the only trial loss of his career."   ...Read More...   //

Bull Offers Its Spin on Serial

  Bull offered a twist on the podcast Serial in Tuesday's episode, with its case-of-the-week stemming from a popular podcast that's analyzing the murder of a star athlete years prior, allegedly by a woman who previously accused him of sexual assault. Dr. Bull ( Michael Weatherly ) goes to visit the ...Read More... //

Bull star offers brainy backup to jury consultant

Bull Tuesday, 9 p.m., CBS Geneva Carr is one of two New York theater actors on Bull (Christopher Jackson, the Hamilton star who plays stylist Chunk Palmer, is the other). Encouraged by CBSs reputation for creating complex parts for mature actresses Carrs 45 the Hand to God Tony nominee stepped easily into the......   Read More... //

'Bull' Episode 3 Photos: A Woman is Accused of Murdering the Athlete She Said Assaulted Her

Well, things are going to be awkward for Benny in Bull episode 3, "Unambiguous," when it comes to someone he'll bump into during the case. But how will the TAC handle the bias the jury has against their client? According to CBS, "Bull and his team tackle jury bias against their client, a woman on trial for the murder of a star athlete she very publicly accused of assaulting her. Also, the case brings Benny face-to-face with his former flame, Amanda (Tiffany Villarin), a fellow attorney he hasn't seen since their breakup." ...Read More... //

'MacGyver,' 'Bull' to Air on Fox Networks in Spain, Portugal

CBS Studios International strikes a multi-season licensing agreement with Fox Networks Group Iberia.   Read More... //

'Bull': How TAC Made the Jury See a Female Pilot Wasn't Guilty in 'The Woman in 8D'

The airline may have wanted to place the blame on the lone survivor of a plane crash, the female pilot, but Dr. Bull refused to let that happen in Bull 's second episode, "The Woman in 8D." Instead, TAC took over her case and set out to prove that she didn't lose control of the plane and wasn't guilty of gross negligence. Here's how TAC accomplished what they needed to in "The Woman in 8D." ...Read More... //