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The Most Memorable Quotes of Hank Moody!

I'll start off with some of my favs =) Source - The quote- Hank: A BRONER!!! An unintentional male inspired boner.. that's the word I'm looking for! The quote - Hank : You can't snort a line of coke off a woman's ass and not wonder about her hopes and dreams. It's not gentlemanly. The quote - Chloe Metz: Fuck me like I'm Al-Qaeda! Hank : I'm declaring Jihad on your pussy.


An interesting choice for tv producers writers etc must be the name of your tv show because a name can limit creatively where the show can go if not chosen correctly a good example is how i met your mother i personally like the show however the title means the only time we as a audience will ever be able to see or hear ted mosbys wife will be at the end of the series another example of a show which is limited creatively is californication which for all intensive purposes cant allow the lead character to leave california yet another example is burn notice a outstanding show however the serialized parts of the show are limited due entirely to the name of the program the added procedural case of the week however are not limited another interesting shift within the framework of the title will allow the writers to branch out and create depth for the characters while keeping the underlying serial endpoint within sight at the conclusion of the show

Public Service Anouncement! Californication is not Airport Appropriate

I was sitting down after check in at the airport and waiting to go on the plane for my Caribbean vacation. YAY!! :) Meanwhile I decided to watch some episodes of Californication. It just happens that a prude 30 something year old woman with her crucifix and the whole nine yards managed to glance over at my laptop when Runkle had Daisy bent over on the bed in full thrust. She gasped soooo loud and ran away leaving everyone in the airport to look at me. Needless to say I couldnt stop laughing. TRUE STORY. Funny right? LOL

song at the end of The Utero

Hi, can anyone tell me who sings the song at the end of the episode "The Utero"? i really liked it.. but i couldn't hear enough of the lyrics to search for it... thanks! -S

Californication works like porn.

I'm just saying what you also think. Californication has good actors, good looking naked girls and alot of insane sexual explanations. The amount of nudity and fucking on this show makes it one step less then a storyline porn movie.


Hello!! I joined sidereel to watch some episodes from some series that unfortunetely I cannot watch as Im working at the time of the emision. I wanted to share my opinion about one of those series that I started to watch. That serie is CALIFORNICATION. I guess that most of the people is finding it funny, and the only positive things I have to say about the serie is that is "original" in its way. As I said, this is the only positive comment I will say about this serie. I am very surprised that they decided to do a second season of this S**T!!!! Would you like your husbands, boyfriends or fathers to be like this guy from the serie? Showing a woman as an object of pleasure for the guy, and treating her as what? As a whore, basically!! In my opinion (and probably most of people dont share it with me), there are things in this serie that should be forbiden


Does anyone know when showtime is going to continue with californication??I heard they where on a break, but i also heard they would make another 12 eps. this year....any news on that? If this hiatus is too long....the show is amazing, great soundtrack...and great plot!!!