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burn notice vs chuck

Which would you prefer? Chuck and Burn Notice are both shows about spies. They each have something different to offer the audience. Chuck has the intersect while Michael uses skill. I like burn notice because it's about a burned spy who does crazy stunts for people. I like chuck because it's mainly about his life and him working for the cia. Which one is better?


What is the point of joining SideReel here in the UK if when we log on you tell us we can't watch certain programmes here in the UK? Adare

The Nerd shall Rise again....

I just wanted to point out that in the latest episode Chuck Versus the Living Dead, that the references to comics were pretty numerous. For one the Titans poster hanging by the kitchen i got a kick out of. You can see Y The Last Man in two scenes, one Chuck is reading it and the scene when Sarah hands Chuck her Spy will one issue is on the bedroom wall. Also the framed issues of several comics on the wall. When Papa B throws the knife at Chucks face he picks it up off of Issue 27 of JSA or Justice Society of America. In Chuck's pad there is a Book shelve with a place with a few DC tradebacks. I might be grabbing at thin air but the fight scene in the Cabin, Chuck had a big Nightwing/Dick Grayson vibe going with those pieces of the chair. The Family dinner with the story about wearing the Hawkman costume to school was cool too. Also with Ellie saying Thanagarian was awesome. This was me just pointing out a few of the little things that i love about the show.

Take a stab at who dies...

Sorry for the pun, it was in bad taste... But what i've read in columns that now elude my memory, by way of names i mean, is that a major character will bite the dust! Any guesses or theories as to who that will be?? M just curious... For my money, I'd say Goodbye Chuck-daddy Scott Backula, because obviously they can't go slasher on one of the main characters...


episode 13 like omg it was the best one in ages, i love the way they hook up in Paris to, its a nice touch XD and shore was pissing me off anyway lol i hope they do more with the idea of chucks team and i love that its less like a CIA team and more like a groop of friends pleas get back to me with any other ideas and opinions i look foreword to reading them :)

Tron Legacy Tie-In

Took my kids to "How to Train Your Dragon" in Imax 3D this weekend and they showed a preview for the new Tron movie being released Christmas 2010. Given the quantity and importance of references Chuck has made to the Original Tron. If they have a fourth season, and I really hope they get renewed, there would be a great opportunity for a Premier Tie-in. Just a random thought


is any one else finding it hard to enjoy chuck i dont think its as funny as it used to be so its really hard for me to follow

Predictions on how this whole Shaw thing is going to play out...

Wow, well done writers, I did not see that coming!! And it has been a really long time since I can actually say that about an episode of Chuck, so I really appreciated it. Spoiler Alert!! - Do not continue if you have not watched the latest episode. So....Sarah killed Mrs. Shaw in her red test...Wow...incredible twist! Shaw finds this out from The Ring, and loses it and ends up kidnapping Sarah...no one knows where he's taking her, or what he has planned. Ofcourse, this happens after Casey confesses to Sarah that Chuck didn't kill the mole, but he did and Sarah decides to quit spy life and run away with Chuck. Unfortunately, before she can do any running, Shaw whisks her away to exact his revenge for killing his wife. Now, based on how tonight's episode went down, I have a couple of predictions about what is going to happen next. I might be right or wrong...they are only guesses, but I can't help but share what I think will happen. Obviously, the whole 'Operation: Get-Sarah-Back' was an indicator of who Chuck is going to pick as his own personal 'team'. Somehow, Casey, Awesome and Morgan are all going to be a part of it...with Chuck and Sarah ofcourse....it is Chuck after all...he won't pick the creme-de-la-creme of the CIA, he's gonna go with his heart...as ususal... Another obvious prediction is that Chuck is going to end up being the hero who saves Sarah from the crazed, revenge-driven Shaw. The interesting part is how he does it... Chuck has 'failed' his red test so he's actually not a real spy yet...we know that, Casey and Sarah know it and Chuck knows it. This situation needs to be corrected, or else all will not be well in Burbank. I think that in order to save his beloved Sarah, Chuck will have to kill Shaw and as a result, become a real spy without losing Sarah in the process...because he will do it in the most humane, heartfelt and un-spy-like way that anyone can possibly kill another human being. The end result: Chuck becomes a spy and gets the girl...for a while at least, until the writers find another way to keep them apart, or they actually decide to write a brand new creative storyline where Chuck and Sarah are together, but find other ways of keeping the drama alive...well, we can only dream... Anyways, let me know your thoughts/views/predictions of where this is all headed... :)

Chuck and Sarah's relationship

Im actually really tired of Sarah treating Chuck like crap. From the very beginning in season 1, she treated him like an endearing little boy with a crush. Their relationship actually developed and changed in season 2, when they were 'almost' together in Prague and Chuck chose to be a spy over her...feelings like that don't just go away, she must have had some kind of reaction to that, but they didn't really develop that at all. Chuck just moved on to Hannah and Sarah moved on to Shaw. And now that Chuck and Hannah broke up and Sarah and Shaw are still together, she's gone back to treating Chuck like a boy with a crush...leading him on...letting him think that something might happen between them, but pushing him away at the same time. I'm really tired of the whole will they/won't they drama now. It's getting old. Also, Sarah has a history of falling for the 'real spy' kinda guys - there was Bryce, another guy in season 2 that I don't remember the name of and now Shaw. The reason Chuck want to be a real spy is so that he can compete with all the other guys Sarah has dated. Instead, the more he tries to be like them, the more disappointed she gets in him. It's like no matter what he does he isn't going to be good enough for her. Her character has become monotonous and really annoying to me and the writers definitely need to come up with some more good and original material. Maybe something like a time jump to a year from now after Chuck has gone to Rome and come back a real spy and he sweeps her off her feet like Shaw did and this time she is the one chasing after him instead of the other way around like it's been for the past 3 seasons!!

Chuck's at it again...

Although I may not have particularly liked Hannah, I feel the Chuck non-Sarah relationship train has taken the same turn it always does. Jill may have been slightly different and he may not have made it to the sleepover stage with most of them, but all of his relationships end after approximately 2 or 3 dates and when Sarah starts to see someone else. If they want to keep the will they/wont they Charah drama interesting they have to lengthen his/her other relationships and not let Sarah forgive Chuck so quickly for the whole Vienna (?) fiasco. Overall I feel that no matter how much we all love Chuck and Sarah, they need to keep them apart and make the show atmosphere more satirical. We all know Chuck is going to get depressed, start slipping on his cover, and get Ellie/Morgan on his trail AGAIN. Additionally, does anyone else feel they should've milked the Morgan likes Hannah but she likes Chuck love triangle more thoroughly? I was excited for some fun Morgan/Chuck best-friend fights and pranks, providing some much needed comic relief. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Chuck's cover and Casey's incredible half-mile sniper shot. Thoughts?