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whats this song?

Whats the song that plays in the Episode 19 at 26:30 >>???

This is one frisking awesome episode!

This is really a brill episode, watch it, watch it now!

Cancellation Buzz: What Bubble Shows Deserve to Stay? - Featured

With a number of shows on the bubble as renewal season approaches, there are some that it seems about time for them to go, whether they are relatively new or have been around a while, and some that would be very unfair to axe at this point. So of these shows in the Cancellation Danger Zone, or others that we left off here, what deserves to stick around for another season? Life Chuck Privileged Friday Night Lights Dollhouse Knight Rider (2008) Kath and Kim Lipstick Jungle Crusoe Without a Trace Cold Case I know I'll be heartbroken if Chuck and Life don't make it, and very disappointed about Friday Night Lights and Lipstick Jungle as well, though I would be happy to see Kath and Kim , Knight Rider (2008) go. How about you? Check out SideReel's Cancellation Buzz to see what you can do to help save your danger zone favs, and also their current danger zone statuses! Photo courtesy of ew.com

Weird Theory

Since Chuck's twists are pretty predictable, I'm thinking that Orion is Chuck's dad. I don't think its a coincidence that Chuck's dad was mentioned after a long time and Orion's name got pulled out of nowhere. What do you think?

All the good shows canceled or being canceled!!

So many great TV shows are being canceled! Here are the shows, old and new: Canceled: 1. Prison Break 2. Dirty Sexy Money 3. The Ex List 4. Do Not Disturb 5. Kyle XY 6. Starter Wife Unofficially Canceled: 1. Easy Money 2. Valentine 3. Knight Rider On The Edge of Cancellation: 1. Kath and Kim 2. Privileged Entering The Zone: 1. Chuck Cancellation Rumors: 1. Heroes 2. Dollhouse Canceled Favorites: 1. Friends 2. Veronica Mars 3. Alias 4. Gilmore Girls 5. The OC 6. Buffy 7. Angel 8. Beverly Hills 90210 IF YOU LIKE ANY OF THESE SHOWS (except the canceled favorites)...SIGN THE PETITIONS DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN, WE CAN NOT REST TILL THESE SHOWS ARE SAVED! (or at least some of them)

Chuck going down the drain!!

I really used to enjoy Chuck but now I feel that Chuck is going down he drain. The show is starting to loose my attention. I feel that now it has to be canceled. How do you guys feel? Express opinions please!

What is happening next week?

Really lost, chuck and heroes all don't come back for two weeks what going on? it one thing for few show but lots are doing this!


I have the weirdest feeling that ORION will turn out to be Chucks DAD ... what do you think?!?!?!

Sidereel Podcast

i believe sidereel desperately needs a podcast , the weeks news all in like 40 minutes or so would be awesome to listen while i l travelling to and fro from my university pls anyone who thinks a podcast would be awesome reply so tht the mods would read and may think of doing this.


So Chuck is amazing and if it gets canceled i will be very sad. People watch Chuck it is fun has action scenes and it has drama its like all you love made in to one show