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Profile Picture Paradigm

I know this isn't really a discussion but i cant change my profile picture, the image is 75px X 75px and weighs less than 20 k... i know it says your picture takes five minutes to chrage, but i've left it for whole days and tried with different ones and nothing, any tips!?

TV Death Watch: Sophomore Shows

While the Fall TV Death Watch usually focuses around the awful new series...as in the already canceled Do Not Disturb and the soon-to-canceled (we can only hope) Kath and Kim . But...this year you should also start getting concerned for a lot of sophomore shows - ones that premiered last Fall to pretty decent numbers, had abbreviated seasons due to the strike, and have now returned with far less impressive stats. Last night, 5.6 million watched Pushing Daisies , 7.3 million saw Private Practice and 5.9 million watched Dirty Sexy Money . Over on NBC Monday, sophomore dramas Chuck and Life received 5.8 and 5.6 million viewers, respectively (and...not a sophomore show, but Heroes had a series low 8.2 million viewers). On Fox, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also had numbers only in the 5 million range - 5.7, this week. Rumors of cancellation have already been circulating about this show in particular. For each of these shows, not only are the numbers far lower than what they were receiving last year (Private Practice received 14.4 million viewers for its series premiere...it was an ABC hit), but they are also currently still in decline from week to week. So...while it's a sad question that I pose...which of the above Sophomore shows do you think will next be canceled. Chuck ? Life ? Dirty Sexy Money ? Private Practice ? Pushing Daisies ? Terminator: TSCC? These shows will not all survive to see a third season; that much I am sure of (unless their numbers magically double...a tripling would be ideal). My vote is sadly going to go towards Pushing Daisies as the next victim. This speaks nothing about the show's quality, but I can only imagine that production costs are particularly high for Daisies...and there's no way that it's making any money. Which show do you think will be the next victim? Weigh in below! Sources: Variety and THR

Watching Chuck early

Tomorrow night NBC will do something special... they will put the premiere of Chuck online for people to watch one week early. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I personally would not want to have to wait 2 weeks to see the next episode, but then again i have been waiting for a very long time to see it. And the reruns are just killing me as are the previews. Has anyone else suffered from this as much as i have? I could watch it twice but i cant stand that when i know how its going to end and ruin it for my family who love chuck as much as i do

Josh Schwartz is a genius!

Sometime in the recent past i have inadvertedly become a fan of Josh Schwartz's work. I seem to always get hooked on shows and then find out afterwards that he has created them. I was (and still am) completely obsessed with the OC, and am a big fan of Gossip Girl and Chuck and I'm anxiously awaiting their return. The weird thing is that these shows are pretty different but i like them all and then i find out halfway through the series that Schwartz has created them. Is anyone else a fan?

Chuck Bartowski = Seth Cohen??

I dont know if its just me, but Chuck's character really reminds me of Adam Brody as Seth Cohen in the OC. They're both tall, have dark curly hair, are slightly awkward, sarcastic and go out with Rachel Bilson at some point in time. Chuck and the OC also have the same Producer and creator.... are they trying to recreate Seth Cohen in a different environment???

new season of chuck?

i just wanted to know if anyone knew if chuck was coming back? it was only on for one season and it was cut short because of the writer's strike, not allowing for as full of a fan base as it would have had if it was on for the whole season just wondering


this show is awesome!!! and those of u that watch Lost. In episode 2 when he is naming a bunch of pictures he mentions oceanic flight 815 except they say in here that it was shot down instead of crashed. but it still crashed in the ocean. But i cant wait to see more of this show!

Chuck is coming back

Chuck is due to come back in september this year on NBC. I can't wait!!!

Rachel Bilson in Chuck

Hey- Rachel Bilson was in the Chuck Versus the Truth and Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami episodes!