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Community's Mean Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What is wrong with you people who aren't watching this show? Every week, the ratings for Community are lower than a C-student's GPA, yet the comedy itself is totally A+. Just take last night's  Mean Girls -inspired outing. Not only did uber-hyped guest star Hilary Duffnot suck (extra credit) as the alpha-bitch tormenting Annie, Britta and Shirley, the writers were also smart enough to throw the always awesome Abed into the gag as the ladies' RoboCop of retaliatory retorts. A personal dispending machine of mean aimed at anyone who dared diss his friends, our boy fired off enough burns to heat Greendale for the rest of the season. And let's be honest, nobody does blank-faced bluntness better than Danny Pudi. Of course, nothing (comedy) gold can stay, so you knew the gang would learn a lesson in tolerance before the 30-minute mark. But even that huggy moment — the universal truth that we're all insecure — came with a killer cutdown (the newly enlightened Abed's observation that "even Tom Cruise knows he's short and nuts") and a kicker featuring a drugged-up Pierce that was just plain crazy. Almost as crazy as the fact that this isn't a huge hit. Thankfully, NBC sees that it may have a grower on its hands and just ordered two extra episodes for the season. Now if only they can get more eyes on this prize. Are you watching? More importantly, are you telling everyone else to, as well? Or is  Community just too weird for you? Source Here

COMMUNITY “Epidemiology 206? Review

I don’t know that any show but COMMUNITY could come up with, let alone execute, a zombie apocalypse set to ABBA songs with narration from George Takei, which is exactly what the hilarious "Epidemiology 206? is. Before we get into the actual Greendale of the Dead, kudos to the costume department. Of course Jeff is David Beckham and Annie is Little Red Riding Hood, but I’m with Jeff that Britta’s really a dragon-turtle. I knew Shirley was Glinda (Miss Piggy? Really?) right away, but I thought Chang was Dorothy Hamill (the hair), which while wrong probably doesn’t make me "proven racist by the racist-prover." To Read More Click Here. What did you think of  Community ‘s homage to zombie films? What’s your favorite Halloween episode of the week? There were some great ones, and I can’t decide between this and Raising Hope .

Jeff and Annie at the end...

At the end, Annie says to Jeff, shyly, that she was "going for the professor" look, and the next few seconds seem awkward until they're interrupted. Did i interpret this wrong, or does this imply that Annie may have a thing for Jeff, as he'd previously gone out with a professor? Because if so, that would mean there's three contenders for next week's episode.

NBC Thursday Comedies - Who Did Christmas Best? - Featured

If you tuned into the full NBC comedy lineup last night of Community , Parks & Recreation , The Office and 30 Rock - you probably noticed that there was a whole lot of Christmas. So - which show do you think tackled the holidays the best? Was it Community 's " Comparative Religion " with a guest starring Anthony Michael hall? Was it Parks & Recreation 's " Christmas Scandal ''' - a hilarious sendup of governmental sex scandals? Was it The Office 's " Secret Santa " - with Phyllis and Michael's battle for who got to be Santa Claus (but also the re-hashing of the slightly less festive "business is in trouble" recession plot)? Or was it 30 Rock 's similarly-titled (and by similarly I mean identical) " Secret Santa " - guest starring Julianne Moore? Which did you watch? Who did the holidays best? Personally, I think P&R has been on a roll! Image courtesy of Videogum

usa 8 = uk 10

wtf is that about?!

Discuss: Which New Series Have You Added to Your TV Lineup? - Featured

Now that nearly all of the new Fall shows have premiered (there's a few stragglers like Three Rivers , debuting this Sunday on CBS and White Collar , debuting in late October on USA Network ), we thought it a good time to discuss which shows have made the cut for YOU? To refresh your memory, here are the new shows that have debuted over the course of the last few weeks, separated by network: NBC The Jay Leno Show Mercy Trauma Community FOX Glee Brothers The Cleveland Show CBS NCIS: Los Angeles The Good Wife Accidentally on Purpose The CW Melrose Place (2009) Vampire Diaries The Beautiful Life (already canceled, sorry) ABC Hank The Middle Modern Family Cougar Town Eastwick FlashForward The Forgotten (TV) Shark Tank Other Bored to Death (HBO) Which of these shows have been standouts for you - enough to begin watching on a regular basis?

community will it be an early fall failure

is any one else struggling with community like iam i just dont find it funny will it be an early failure for the fall season

COMPLETED: Enter SideReel's Community Prize Pack Giveaway! - Featured

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for your participation! The winners will be notified via email on Monday, 10/5. For the upcoming NBC premiere of Community , we have 3 great college-themed prize packs to giveaway! Gear up for your year at college (or work while dreaming of being back in college) and for the Community premiere on September 17th with some fun Community gear! The 3 prize packs include: *Cooler *Beer Stein (Greendale Community College) *Pencil *Magnet *Water bottle *Keychain Bottle Opener To enter for a chance to win, comment on this post telling us what you love about Community from checking out the promos, from watching the NBC.com early-release of the pilot, or from watching the first few episodes after its premiere. The 3 winners will be selected and notified via email on Thursday, October 1st. Sorry, but U.S. entrants only can be selected as the winners. Giveaway courtesy of New Media Strategies

Five Fall Shows Worth Watching from mama23nluv - Featured

I've been going over the schedule, trying to plan out what Im most likely to watch, and I have to say, it's somewhat disappointing. I was only able to find five shows that I truly do not want to miss. 5. Past Life , Fox, is a drama series in which two detectives investigate whether what is happening to a person today, is a result of their past life. Im almost positive this one won't last long, but it intrigued me with it's Fringe Like ways. 4. Human Target , FOX, is an action/drama about a man who is private security, his goal, to keep his clients alive at all costs. Based on the DC Comic. I love the movies based on the Marvel Comics, why wouldn't I love a tv show based on them? And Mark Valley is great. 3. Sons of Tucson , FOX, is a comedy about three young boys who hire a man to play their father while he is in prison. Tyler Labine was HILARIOUS on Reaper this seems like a great show that will keep me laughing, now that The Office no longer is. 2. Mercy , NBC, is a medical drama from the POV of the nurses. Since ER 's demise I've been searching for a new medical drama, and one from the point of view of the nurses sounds just right. 1. Community , NBC, is a comedy following a group of misfits in community college. Joel McHale and Chevy Chase star in this new comedy, it's taken a long time for Chevy to come back to tv, (his recent stint on Chuck probably shocked millions) I can't wait to see him back in action. What shows are you waiting to see? If you haven't checked out what's coming, you should now, CBS and ABC have picked up more new series this year than they have in quite a long time.