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Community: "Basic Crisis Room Decorum" Review

Greendale's feud with City College leads Annie to have new doubts.   Read More... //

'Community' Season 6 Premiere Recap: The Weird, Passionate, And Gross Greendale Makes Its Yahoo! Debut

Community season premieres have usually made sure to cover what has happened behind-the-scenes since we last visited Greendale. In Season 4s History 101 and Season 5s Repilot, that meant w...   Read More... //

'Community' recap: 'Ladders' and 'Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care'

The revived show takes its first Yahoo steps.   Read More... //

Community Recap: Re-Repiloting

With Community down three cast members, the theme songs closing words (one by one they all just fade away) have never been more appropriate. Nonetheless, the start of Season 6 its first on the Yahoo Screen streaming service is a promising one. The remainder of the Greendale 7 quickly filltheircurrent vacancies with two [] //

Review: 'Community' transfers to Yahoo: EW's grade for initial episodes is...

How does Greendale look, by way of Yahoo?   Read More... //

Community Still Feels, Moves, and Thinks Like the One You Know

  The sixth season of Community starts with a bit of good news that isnt all that good, delivered via public-address speakers by Dean Craig Pelton (Jim Rash): Greendale is now ranked fifth on Colorados alphabetical list of colleges. Rest in peace, Fatboy Slims DJ School! Like so much else on Dan Harmons comedy series, its an exuberantly silly throwaway line that doubles as a comment on the continued, unlikely existence of Community , a sitcom thats learned the hard way to see every glass as half-full even when theres nothing in it.   Read More... //

'Community' Season 6: What the Critics Are Saying About the Yahoo Revival

Joel McHale, Allison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi and Jim Rash are back in school in Dan Harmon's cult comedy.   Read More... //

Community Premieres Its Sixth Season on Yahoo Screen

The movie tropes and meta jokes are back -- along with most of the cast.   Read More... //

Community Review: Creator Dan Harmon Finds Better Balance Between Character and Crazy

Community has weathered major changes before, both in cast and showrunner, but this is the first time its actually felt lean. Creator Dan Harmon returns again to helm the cult favorites revival online at Yahoo! Screen (premiering Tuesday), but not everyone was able to join him at the old/new Greendale. Yvette Nicole Brown bid farewell to the show to care for her ailing father, ultimately joining the cast of the multi-camera CBS sitcom The Odd Couple. She followed Chevy Chase and Donald Glover off of the show and away from the study group, leaving the core ensemble with only four members. To make matters worse, Season 5s cantankerous addition, Jonathan Banks, also left for a more familiar role on AMCs Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul.   Read More... //

Season premiere review: 'Community' - 'Ladders/Lawnmower Maintenance'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the sixth season premiere of "Community," the comedy with Joel McHale that's moving from NBC to Yahoo.   Read More... //