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Covert Affairs 1.07, ''Communication Breakdown'' Review

It’s weird, I am actually excited to write about Covert Affairs today! Of course, that feeling suggests that there is also something wrong with the series, doesn’t it? Communication Breakdown is, by far, my favorite episode of the series so far. On one hand, I feel much better about the series moving forward because hey, at least know it has this kind of episode in it. However (and that’s a major however), the primary reason for the enjoyment of last night’s episode stemmed from who was in the middle of all the action. Instead of Perabo’s Annie, Christopher Gorham’s Auggie found himself out in the field, breaking rules and doing cool stuff. And not surprisingly, Gorham handles everything a typical episode of Covert Affairs would throw at a performer with relative ease, from the action to the more emotional moments. Thus, conundrum. It’s nice that I, and based on my Twitter feed, lots of other folks really, really liked this episode. But it’s kind of bad that people were watching “Communication Breakdown” and wishing that it was the real pilot to the series, or even a backdoor pilot to a better series because we know that next week, it’s more Annie and less Auggie. I’ll be interested to see if USA gauges the response to this episode and lightly mentions it to the production staff before season two, because I think everyone watching would rather have more Gorham and Auggie than we’re getting now (even though it is healthy dose each week). To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Covert Affairs: "Communication Breakdown" Review Episode 7

Damn, just when I thought this show was gaining steam, along comes this clunker that focused on Auggie's love life and how it complicates things at work. I understand that Auggie might be a fan favorite, but isn't it still a bit too early to give him his own episode? There are still plenty of mysteries left to solve on Covert Affairs - Annie Walker's connection to the elusive Ben Mercer and the reasons behind her fast-tracked promotion at the CIA, to name the obvious ones. Instead, Annie was relegated to the background, where she spent her time doling out sympathetic head nods and comforting pats on the shoulder. That's fine on Grey's Anatomy, but last I checked, this was a spy show. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Covert Affairs Review: All About Auggie Episode 7

Covert Affairs proved it's more than a one-woman operation this week. The episode "Communication Breakdown" was all about Auggie, as Annie was pushed into the background and we learned a great deal about her best friend at work. Soon after Annie discovered he was sleeping with Liza Hearn, Auggie scoffed and basically said: come on, you know me too well to believe that. But that's when it hit me - we don't really know Auggie at all. He's been a fascinating character to watch because Christopher Gorham does such a great job playing blind. But what background did we really have on the guy until now? The episode made us understand why he has many reasons to be bitter toward the CIA, as that organization can truly take over one's life (something Annie learns in almost every interaction with her sister). To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

COVERT AFFAIRS ''Communication Breakdown'' Advance Review

The good people at USA were kind enough to let us get to see an advance copy of this week’s episode of COVERT AFFAIRS titled “Communication Breakdown”. Last week I mentioned how much I enjoyed Auggie getting more screen time while running an op with some old buddies, and how much I’d like to see more of that. Boy did Covert Affairs deliver in spades. This time Auggie gets a chance to go in on a mission that needs his expertise. Things get really interesting when the person he needs to find, turns out to be a woman from his past. This episode proves that Auggie still has what it takes as an operative, only needing a little help here in there (in the form of others acting as his eyes mostly) to get a job done. He even got to demonstrate some of those moves he taught Annie in the gym a few episodes back, not letting the fact that he’s blind stop him from delivering a smack-down when necessary. In fact he actually used his lack of sight to his advantage at one point. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now