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How 'Bones,' 'Castle,' 'Criminal Minds' and 'Law & Order: SVU' create the perfect crime

Cop shows are all organized around the basic premise: Good guys catch bad guys. The way individual series approach their material and build their stories, however, is as varied as the number of shows themselves.As part of Zap2it's Crime Report project, we spoke with the showrunners of four long-running crime shows -- David Amann of "Castle," Warren Leight of "Law & Order: SVU," Erica Messer of "Criminal Minds" and Stephen Nathan of "Bones." They discussed how they approach their case-of-the-week stories; how they create victim and perpetrator characters; to what extent real-world crimes influence their scripts; and the role that consultants and technical advisers play in getting big and small details right.We spoke to each of them separately in the fall of 2014; an edited transcript of their comments follows.RELATED: TV crime shows by the numbers | Lessons learned watching 78 hours of cop showsHow to start a caseZap2it: Where do you begin when you're... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Zap2it/~3/6XeMu7bnPJg/bones_castle_criminal_minds_svu_create_perfect_crime-2015-04

Criminal Minds Episode: "25 to Life" Season 6, Episode 11

On this week's Criminal Minds, a man whom Morgan helps get paroled is arrested days after his release.  What did you think of the episode? Should the guys have barged into Stanworth's place like that? Did you miss Hotch? Was Seaver useless? Is Prentiss so over her job?  To Read More  Click Here.

Criminal Minds: "Into the Woods" Season 6, Episode 9

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU heads to the Appalachian Trail in search of a child abductor. What did you think? Were you creeped out by Shane and Brandon? Are you happy or upset that Shane got away? Do you think we'll see Shane again? How badass is Robert, being strong for his lil sis and kicking Brandon in the family jewels? And don't you love when we see the team in casual wear (the Alaskan gear remains my favorite)? To Read More Click Here.

Criminal Minds: "Reflection of Desire" Season 6, Episode 8

On this week's   Criminal Minds , the BAU hunts a killer who mutilated a woman after dressing her up like a 1950s movie star. Plus: Garcia acts! What do you think? Did Rhett's lip fetish creep you out? Are you glad we never saw the lips? Did you realize that May was already dead? What do you think of Garcia's secret? Would you ever watch  Reflection of Desire  or Conflictus ? To Read More  Click Here.

Criminal Minds Spin off

Is it just me or did the spin-off episode suck? The characters were to self richous, boring and well to be honest uninteresting and unattractive. More than that; this whole season has been awful, with the exception of the one episode Matthew Gray Gubbler directed. The episodes have been boring with killers that are completely uninteresting. There hasn't been any real character progression or profiling, which was what made the show great! Instead of diverting their efforts into a new spin off with crappy characters they need to put the effort back into making the REAL CM great again.

The best crime show

Well there are lots of crime shows on t.v so what are your top 3? Mine are : 1-Castle (I can't wait for the new episode) 2-The mentalist ( I love Jane's sense of humour) 3-Criminal minds ( I like hotch he's so cool) Can't wait to read your choices!

Criminal Minds Season 5 episode 9------>Contains Spoilers!

I have been watching Criminal Minds since it's pilot in 2005 and I have never watched an episode that has made me cry until this one. If you have not watched it, please do not read ahead, as it does contain spoilers We all knew Hotchners son and wife were in witness protection to keep them safe from the Reaper and we also know how hard that was on him. Can you imagine how hard it would be to be on the phone with the person you love more than life itself, and hear them being murdered? Even though his wife hasn't been on much in the last few seasons, she is what made Hotchner seem more personable. We saw his humanity when he was with Haley and Jack. It will be interesting to see where the team and Hotchner go from here.

Newest season, episode one

**Spoiler ahead I was so excited for the season premier and although it was not disappointing in the least something has been nagging at my brain since it ended and I wanted to know if any other fan was wondering the same thing. I'll admit that I've had a bit of a character-crush on Spencer Reid since the first season. Hotch and Morgan are hot but Reid is my favorite. But he just can't seem to catch a break! Now he gets shot in the leg. That isn't what gets to me but a few seconds in the middle of that scene. The doctor who Reid saved had just had his hands washed over in the unsub's blood and then runs over to help out Reid. As he is running over to put his blood-soaked hands on Reid's open wound, the camera shows him looking at the blood. This has made me extremely nervous that next thing we know Reid has now caught HIV/AIDS. I don't think I'm being stupid since random events like this always seem to be popping up out of nowhere. Half of them to Reid. Does anyone agree or think the same thing?

What is the best crime drama?

I have never really watched detective/murder dramas as they have never really captured my interest. However i have decided that maybe i had been too quick to dismiss them. Which Crime/detective/murder dramas do people recommend?

Last episode of Criminal Minds...

Does anyone know how to view the last hour of "To Hell And Back"? I missed it... thanks!