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i realised that tuesday was voting day in the states so most progs were off air and shown on weds instead but i cant see the latest episode of criminal minds can any one help please

Episode 6

Can someone please add a link for episode 6: The Instincts. I really want to watch it. Thank you

The episode under "Minimal Loss"...

The link goes to an Episode of Ugly Betty. The episode of Criminal Minds that it was supposed to be going to hasn't aired yet. I don't know who to report this to, and I can't edit the link information for some reason.


Penelope and Derek are so good together. I'm happy that in the new season... Morgan and Garcia's relationship is into another level. yeay!

Criminal Minds season 4

Due to our wonderful president my DVR didn't get the last 15 min of the show. PLEASE how did it end?

Season Premiere?

Does anyone know when the new season of criminal minds is starting up? cause im just wondering how long i'll have to wait to find out whos car blew up and all that thanks

Crime shows getting better or worst

I love a bit of My CSI, Criminal Minds and Law & Order, but do you believe they are getting {more violent or less} - {Interesting or Boring} - {Bad guys all the same or there have been changes}. CSI = Getting boring but has a couple good storylines now and then like the miniatures killer; Grissom and Sara's work affair . Criminal Minds = The last episode posted that I watched was Ep20 S3 that was a gripping episode I need to know what is going to happen next . Law & Order = There are so many I only ever watch the Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit but its hard to catch onto the storylines so I kind of steer clear but I will watch it when I have no other choice of stuff to watch (My Least Favourite Show). Post your thoughts and view I want to know [pick your brains Mwah ha ha ha] on any crime show of your choice that is on sky cause that's all that I have funnily enough or on sidereel. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Who's dead??

That's so unfair, seeing a car explode but not knowing who was in there... I knew something was coming, all getting in a car, but I can't figure out who'd they kill. Anyone got an idea? I can't decide which one I'd miss least... :-(

on spencer reid

I have a crush on him too..

Spencer Reid

Anyone else have an odd crush type thing on Spencer? Or am I just a freak?