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Criminal Minds Episode: "25 to Life" Season 6, Episode 11

On this week's Criminal Minds, a man whom Morgan helps get paroled is arrested days after his release.  What did you think of the episode? Should the guys have barged into Stanworth's place like that? Did you miss Hotch? Was Seaver useless? Is Prentiss so over her job?  To Read More  Click Here.

Criminal Minds: "Into the Woods" Season 6, Episode 9

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU heads to the Appalachian Trail in search of a child abductor. What did you think? Were you creeped out by Shane and Brandon? Are you happy or upset that Shane got away? Do you think we'll see Shane again? How badass is Robert, being strong for his lil sis and kicking Brandon in the family jewels? And don't you love when we see the team in casual wear (the Alaskan gear remains my favorite)? To Read More Click Here.

Criminal Minds: "Reflection of Desire" Season 6, Episode 8

On this week's   Criminal Minds , the BAU hunts a killer who mutilated a woman after dressing her up like a 1950s movie star. Plus: Garcia acts! What do you think? Did Rhett's lip fetish creep you out? Are you glad we never saw the lips? Did you realize that May was already dead? What do you think of Garcia's secret? Would you ever watch  Reflection of Desire  or Conflictus ? To Read More  Click Here.