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Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “New Scars/Old Wounds”

Crossing Lines  went for broke in “New Scars/Old Wounds,” the first season finale. With just about every ongoing plot thread big and small being picked up on, there was a lot of ground to cover in this week’s episode. The question, then, is whether or not the show successfully kept all of the plates spinning. Ultimately, as far as two-part episodes go, the finale fell somewhere between the dull pilot and the excellent “Special Ops,” the season’s high point. There was never a lull in the action, but with so many subplots occurring all at once, it made it hard to get entirely invested in anything going on. One of the major problems was that, for a show about a team of international investigators working together, there was very little teamwork this episode. Everyone was split up this week, off doing their own thing. As such, it seems best to go plot-by-plot in this review. Read More... //

Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Desperation & Desperados”

Crossing Lines  continues to surprise me. To be fair, they’re usually small, unexciting surprises, but the fact  remains that  the show does manage to throw me off guard every once in a while. In this week’s episode, “Desperation & Desperados,” the surprise was that the show actually picked up on the thread of Tommy’s brother Colin being a criminal. In fact, several of the characters were given a push forward this week. Aside from Tommy’s  familial strife, we learned why Carl was at the bank in the last episode, though it wasn’t exactly a huge surprise. Also, if his goal was to shut down the carnival’s  bank account , I have to wonder how he had planned to accomplish that goal before the bank robbery. Had the bank manager already taken money from the place? And if so, how did Carl know about it? Also, Sebastian seems ready to learn more about his child, though not much time was spent on this decision. Read More... //

Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “The Animals”

There are several words that could be used to describe “The Animals,” this week’s episode of  Crossing Lines , such as “cliché,” or “nothing new.” After all, every procedural that’s ever aired has likely offered a take on  the bank  robbery episode. However, it’s a popular plot for a reason, and thanks to a strong villain and some solid story beats, this ended up as a well-executed take on the plot. The absolute star of this episode was Wolf, the leader of the gang of “animals” that held up the bankCarl conveniently happened to be visiting. Of course, episodes like this always come  down to the  leader, so it was good to have a villain like Wolf running the show. The fact that he actually blew up a hostage was a great way to elevate the threat level, making it clear nobody was safe. This led to a great scene later in the episode where Wolf threatened to kill the unknown cop among the crowd, only to instead choose Anika, the girl who ratted on Carl, because he hates snitches. Wolf was a manic and unpredictable threat, which made for a tense episode. Read More... //

Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Special Ops Part 2?

After a solid set-up in the last episode, this week’s Crossing Lines, "Special Ops Part 2," failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion. While the kidnapping plot wrapped up well, new information about Dimitrov, aka the Russian, was scarce, making much of the last episode’s discussion of the character feel unnecessary. I’ve said before that I appreciate the show’s attempts to build a larger mythology, but so far, it’s failed to offer anything truly compelling. Dimitrov remains an interesting concept, but we learned nothing new here. The fact that he’s a major criminal was obvious before seeing his assassins take out the kidnappers. Also, Katya killing herself rather than crossing him would’ve held more weight if we hadn’t already seen someone do that in the second episode. READ MORE...

Crossing Lines Season 1 Review Special Ops Part 1

What a difference a few weeks can make. After a series premiere that felt poorly-paced and too long, this week’s episode of Crossing Lines, "Special Ops Part 1" showed that the series is capable of managing two-part episodes. Granted, things could take a downturn in next week’s finale, but for now, things continue to look up for the show. The kidnapping plot of the episode was nothing original in and of itself, but the return of some of the show’s ongoing plots helped elevate the tension a bit. Little is known about the Russian at this point, but it’s clear that he’s going to become a major force for the investigation team to deal with. Now that Michel is investigating in Moscow, there’ll hopefully be some new information in next week’s episode. READ MORE...

Crossing Lines Season 1 Review - Long-Haul Predators

If nothing else, this week’s episode of Crossing Lines, "Long-Haul Predators," gets points for originality. Truckers stalking couples across Europe and making them fight to the death? It’s certainly a step up from the generic serial killer in the pilot. If nothing else, the episode would be noteworthy for its crime. Fortunately, this was all-around the series’ best outing yet, giving hope for the show to keep getting better. READ MORE...

Review: NBC's 'Crossing Lines' takes 'Criminal Minds' formula to Europe

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Crossing Lines," the new NBC drama about a multi-national team of cops investigating violent crimes that transcend boundaries across Europe. Read More... //

Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Pilot”

Crossing Lines, the latest drama from NBC, premiered with a plus-sized "Pilot" episode. Focusing on a team of investigators brought together by the International Criminal Court, the show plans to explore crime on a wider scale than any procedural before it. While there’s promise in the concept, the first episode failed to provide a truly exciting start. Instead, it hit all the plot beats expected of a pilot without offering a compelling crime story. READ MORE...