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Cliffhanger Fatigue

I wish the schedulers would separate out their end of series finales. After almost all my shows have come to a halt, some never to return, I'm suffering from fairly severe cliffhanger fatigue. You get to the point where no matter how nice things are near the end, you just KNOW there's going to be a surprise coming up, usually a nasty one, and it ceases to be surprising! It's all getting a bit yawn-y!

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The best crime show

Well there are lots of crime shows on t.v so what are your top 3? Mine are : 1-Castle (I can't wait for the new episode) 2-The mentalist ( I love Jane's sense of humour) 3-Criminal minds ( I like hotch he's so cool) Can't wait to read your choices!

Good Completion of a Case

I liked the way that the ended the Compass Killers arc. It was nice to see an intellectual ending not just a shoot out. I liked the way the team came together to show support. I also liked the touch with the ice for Danny at the end so that he did not just magical get in to perfect health; he gets a little better each week. I think of the three C.S.I.’s that NY is the most family of the crews.

CSI S06E08 Opening song

Does anyone knows the name of the song played in the opening of CSI Season 6 Episode 8, where everyone is enjoying a party on a boat? Thx


is there some reason why they did a csi trilogy i would have thought that all 3 shows were good enough on there own not to have to do something special for the november sweeps

unable to watch video

i am really having issues with the videos loading. on both cbs and the fancast. im fixing to try the itunes option but i dont have high hopes of it working either. will someone please help??? its glitching and running way slow. when you pause it to let it load it starts all over again and messes up even worse..... i dont know. i just want to watch my show.

last episode of c.s.i ny

was the last episode of c.s.i ny shown on canadian tv before being shown in the us or is there one more episode to be shown

csi ny episode 22

that must have been the most difficult episode for all the actors concerned the young man having to play a skinhead with the swastika on his head and having to be so hateful it must have been hard and for mac to have his father mentioned in the video could not have been easy well done all involved in the episode

More then just spam

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