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Which TV Character Will You Miss the Most?

Thank you, friends, for coming. We are gathered here today to mourn and honor the TV characters who have been taken from us too soon this season. There have been many, and there will be many more as we head toward a boatload of cliff-hanger finales. But we want to hear from you: Which TV characters will you miss the most? Did Warrick's CSI goodbye leave you grabbing for Kleenex? Were you heartbroken after Dualla's shocking suicide on Battlestar Galactica ? How did you react to 24 killing off the beloved Bill Buchanan? Source here

csi's the best

Just before Griss left, the vibe was all different and weird but now that the proffessor is instaled its become even better that I had imagined it would be without Griss. Seriously, I pretty much go around repeating how Morpheus is on our show now and how much he's a good fit. Of course I'll miss Grissom at some point...but not yet! anybody feel the same...or not?


hey on xmas eve they were sed to air the episode where grissom actually leaves and this past thurseday they were also meant to air it but it hasnt got it on here i mean did it air???? or is it still not aired someone please tell me


is it me or was csi not on last night i know that you rely on the good ppl of this site to place links on here but this is one show that is normally up straight away also are most of the tv shows coming back soon as i miss them

CSI 9x10

Why doesn't anyone have this episode up yet? 8\


i have just watched episode 9 of this seasons csi and it says to be continued but on the csi page where it gives a brief description of the show it says its returning october 9th does that mean i have to wait nearly a whole yr before i see it again


I just want to watch CSI, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? How do I want it??

Why no episodes?

Can someone tell me why there are no new episodes this week for GA and CSI? I wanna know what happened with Yang and Hunt!!


why can i not watch csi season 9 episode 6 (say uncle)


why can i not watch CSI season 9 episode 6 (say uncle)