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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7, Episode 7: "The Black Swan" - Review

This was a bit of a departure for Curb, but a fun one. With a few exceptions, nearly the entire episode took place at one location - a golf club, where Larry managed to get into a lot of trouble by being Larry. Was it perhaps inevitable that Larry finally killed someone in this episode? Okay, things started out a bit ambiguous, as Larry yelled at an ultra-slow golfer who turned out to have a heart condition - and died shortly after Larry's tirade, which had many pointing their fingers at Larry. Even Larry's friends -- including Jeff, Funkhouser and Cousin Andy (returning guest star Richard Kind) - blamed him, even as Larry protested. But Larry couldn't deny guilt when he killed the club owner's beloved swan, after the swan ran at him and he instinctively clubbed it. What followed was a very funny parody of any number of movies about a group of guys trying to cover up an accidental murder (think everything from I Know What You Did Last Summer to Very Bad Things to much older noir films), as Larry and the others frantically tried to keep secret what had happened - complete with their impromptu disposing of the body. The moments of paranoia and (comedic) tension that followed were very funny, elevating an episode that got off to a slow start. Just as you'd expect, this group was not exactly able to keep a tight lid on what had happened, leading to increasing arguments - and an especially great bit that had the newly murderous Larry now menacingly swinging around a knife, among other moments hinting that Larry David is not to be messed with. As is usually the case, subplots on this episode turned out to be key, particularly Larry's relationship with a waiter and a stone mason. Larry's anger over a restaurant adding a space for a tip when a large tip is already included in the bill was a solid, in-character issue - while his spat with a stone mason over the phone about Derek Jeter was nicely tied into the Seinfeld storyline, as Jeter's guest appearance on Seinfeld is what brought Jeter into the conversation. Following the Hitchcock-esque series of events that had the walls closing in on Larry and his swan-murdering self, Larry thought the waiter was on to him - and gave him a $500 tip to pay him off. Okay, the very end you could see coming, as Larry mended fences with the previously suspicious club owner - The second Larry said he was walking to his mom's grave (which the mason had been working on), you know it was going to end badly. But still, seeing Larry declared an "a**hole and swan killer" on his mom's tombstone is pretty awesome. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now