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TNT's "Dallas" Ends First Season with 4.3 Million Viewers

TNT spins the numbers for Wednesday, August 8. //

'Dallas' Finale Postmortem: Patrick Duffy on the Shocking Conclusion and What's Next (Video)

In an interview with THR, Duffy and co-star Linda Gray sound off on the "historically correct" ending to season one. //

Dallas' Exec Producer Talks About the Shocking Season Finale

Spoiler alert! This story addresses the big reveals in Wednesday night's season finale of Dallas . J.R. didn't get shot, but he may very well shoot himself when he finds out that a Barnes has once again infiltrated his family. And this time, that Barnes is carrying a set of Ewing heirs! That's right, TNT's Dallas relaunch concluded its first season with the stunning twist that Rebecca — Christopher's estranged bride and the mother of his unborn twins — is actually the daughter of age-old Ewing nemesis, Cliff Barnes. //

Dallas Season 2 to Premiere in January!

The summer revival of Dallas  turned out to be a hit for TNT, securing a second season before the season 1 finale ever aired since it was the highest rated new show for the cable channel.  Last night's season finale brought a huge shocker: it turns out Rebecca Sutter is actually a Barnes!  The daughter of age-old Ewing nemesis Cliff Barnes, to be exact.  Christopher may have thrown her out of his life, but he can't change the fact that she's carrying his twins and she'll always have a connection to the Ewings. TNT has announced that Dallas won't be a summer show for very much longer.  Season 2 (which will consist of 15 episodes) will actually premiere in January 2013. Watch a preview announcing the January return. Read More... //

'Dallas' finale twist: Did you see Rebecca's 'Revelation' coming?

After "Dallas" premiered on TNT in June, Zap2it speculated on which other characters from the original show should return. One of them was Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), who did in fact make a couple of appearances during the season -- and as it turns out, had a hand in a big plot twist in Wednesday's (Aug. 8) season finale.(Spoilers ahead, so be warned.)Here's what we said at the time about how Cliff might figure into the story: "Christopher's new wife Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) is apparently hiding something. Cliff's mom was named Rebecca, and in the original series he had a daughter named Pamela Rebecca. Just sayin'."Turns out those instincts were right. Rebecca survived last week's who-got-shot cliffhanger, as her "brother" Tommy took the bullet. But we did finally find out who was running their long con -- none other than Cliff, who is, in fact, Rebecca's father. Which means that Christopher was married to and... //

'Dallas' Star Dishes on Rebecca's Feelings to Chris After Her Real Identity's Revealed

'I think she is in love with him... But now she's pissed,' Julie Gonzalo says of her character who's dumped by Christopher once he learns that she's not whom he thought to be. //

Dallas Season Finale: Rebecca's Real Identity Revealed and 6 More Shocking Twists

[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals major plot points from Wednesday's Dallas season finale.] Everything's bigger in Texas, and the first season finale of TNT's Dallas was no exception... //

Dallas (TNT) Season Finale “Revelations” Episode 10

Dallas (TNT) Season Finale  "Revelations" Episode 10  airs Wednesday, August 8 at 9 p.m. on TNT. Synopsis :  In the dramatic season finale, family bonds bring the Ewings together as a loved one  faces a medical crisis. Christopher and Elena begin to learn that not everyone is who they appear to be, including the people closest to them. Long buried secrets are revealed as the past rears its ugly head. Read More... //  

'Dallas' Finale: Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray Talk Cliffhangers, Avoiding Spoilers and Peace in the Ewing Family (Video)

The actors tell THR to expect a "huge" surprise at the end of Wednesday's episode. //

Top Moments: The Olympics Burn Bright and Dallas' New Gunshot Mystery

Our top moments of the week: 12. Most Tone-Deaf Elimination: The Glee Project takes an interesting turn when the show's arguably three best singers land in the bottom three and are forced to sing for Ryan Murphy. Shanna, this season's frontrunner, dominates her Kelly Clarkson tune before mustering the courage to tell Murphy she doesn't belong at the bottom. Shockingly, he decides she's wrong and sends her packing. Um, so who's going to be the next Rachel Berry now? 11. Best 'Shipper Switcheroo: Now that Pretty Little Liars ' Caleb is back in Rosewood, he and Hanna are sure to get back together, right? ... //