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Damages is already too twisted - Featured

I was skeptical after watching the Damages season premiere last week, but this week's installment proved that this season is just as good as the last one, if not better. The show still has its flashfowards, its secrets and lies, (If you want to lie like a pro, watch Damages. Patty and Ellen can even lie and win on The Moment Of Truth. The characters are that good at lying.) and obviously brilliant and powerful acting by the cast. Two episodes in, the show has already taken more twists and turns than the last three seasons of One Tree Hill ever could. Actually that's an unfair comparison because Tree Hill is so uneventful that even real life is more interesting (Oh no, he didn't!). I can now expect some hate comments. Anywho, here are some things that made me me mentally type "OOOMMMGG" on my imaginary keyboard: Continue Reading!

the greatness that is "damages"

i recently ran out of things to watch and went looking for something new. I'm a huge fan of legal/crime drama's ( law and order being my fav show of all time and having seen every episode of all L&O's over and over again), i found damages. And boy was i surprised. i watched the first episode and was like " OK it's alright" by the end of the second, i was hooked. The cinematography is fantastic. it kinda has a horror movie feel too it. And the premise and story line is also fantastic. i was greatly surprised that one trial could last the entire season with out getting monotonous. so if you have nothing to watch over christmas watch DAMAGES... i watched rhem all im two nights!!!

TV Wishes: Grey's, Lost, HIMYM and more!

My TV wishes this week: 1. End Dancing With The Stars already - Oh wait, they did that one already. Yay! Now all is needed is to end the show permanently.... 2. Skip To January - I can't possibly wait one whole month for Damages, Big Love, Scrubs and Lost. I may be able to wait for Big Love, though. 3. Where's George? - He seems to be missing from everything in Grey's even after becoming a resident. He is one, right? Even Lexi and the interns have........ Continue Reading!

coming back?

does anyone know when the show's going to start again?