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Dancing with the Stars: Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010 Season 11, Episode 18

One last couple is eliminated as Dancing with the Stars sets its final three. Who came up just short? Find out below! So this is it, people. Who goes? Will Bristol hang on yet again? First, we must kill some time with an encore of Brandy and Maks' Argentine tango, a performance from Annie Lennox and a fluff piece from the semifinalists of the couples sharing what they learned about themselves. Cliff notes version: Dancing is hard, but you'd be surprised at what you can do if you push yourself. Never heard that one before. Can someone please consider a 30-minute results show when it's down to so few people? Pretty please?   Idol 's doing it! Twenty minutes in, we finally get down to business: So that's that. Jennifer vs. Kyle vs. Bristol. Did anyone see this final three coming? What do you think of the results? Are you shocked and disappointed that Brandy got the boot? Is Bristol the Pistol going to take it all? Who can stop her? To Read More  Click Here.