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Dark Blue - not hitting the spot

When I watch Dark Blue, it's dark, it's moody. But it's dull. The acting is fine, but the scripts are limited. I mean, how many big drug busts can one undercover unit make in the same city? When I compare it to Southland, the other big cop show to have opened recently, the differences in quality become even more obvious. Even given that the plot possibilities in Southland are more open, it's just a much more watchable show. Now don't get me wrong - I'll make a real effort to watch Mr McDermott in just about anything. But ultimately, unless it finds some magical ingredient really soon, Dark Blue will just become Dark Bore.

Dark Blue - Save It or Sink It?

From E!Online: It has Jerry Bruckheimer at the helm and Dylan McDermott as its leading man. Two points there. It's yet another dark cop show. Minus half a point there. (Really? Do we need another cop show...even if it's filling a summer void? Maybe. Maybe not.) One more point for the addition of Nicki Aycox of Supernatural , which is a favorite of Team WWK here. So what does that add up to for Dark Blue , TNT 's new drama about a team of deep undercover police officers? You tell us. As we do with all notable new shows, it's time for you to vote on whether Dark Blue should stay or go. So, Reelers, Save It or Sink It?