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A WB Valentine's: Who Should our Fav WB Characters Be With? - Featured

Here at SideReel, we love, love, love The WB ! And we know you do too! Some of all of our favorite shows back in the day (well, the 90's and on a bit) were WB shows with tons of heart and lots of very endearing characters. So, since it's Valentine's Day, let's talk about some WB lovin! Below I've listed some main characters from SideReel's fav older WB shows, so we want to know if you think the characters who did end up with someone ended up with the right someone, and for those main characters left without final love interests, we want to know who you think they should they be with. And don't get too offended here, we're all about empowering the awesomeness of singledom as well, so if you think it's great that character was left living the single life, tell us that too! Gilmore Girls Lorelai & Luke Rory as a single lady Veronica Mars Veronica & Logan - or so we assume! Dawson's Creek Joey & Pacey Dawson single & living his career dream Felicity Felicity & Ben The O.C. Seth & Summer Ryan & possibly Taylor Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy being her strong, awesome, single self Share your thrills at these endings or love match dreams below!

Fav Character, and why.

Let us discuss your favorite character from the series. My favorite Character is Pacey. He is a Hero of the show. I love how he acts. He is never afraid to call any of the characters on their bs. He defends his friends fervently. Brash and awesome lol He is passionate, Its awesome to see someone male in a show be passionate. One of my favorite parts in the series is usually involved with him punching someone lol because he usually is the one doing it for the right reason ... u know some jerk messes up a painting or a possible rape. So what does everyone else think

Season 4

Hi, I'm trying to watch the Season 4 episodes and every time I click on a link it just shows me the first 5 minutes of the episode. Am I doing something wrong or are the full episodes just not available? Thanks!


I love it sooooooo much!!! I also love the theme song - what's it called? Please and thanx!!!! LOVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE DAWSONS CREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

Whats up with s.1 epi.2?

I watched epiosde 1 and loved it - but episode 2 makes no sense - or none of the links do - the links are to episode 6 season 2 - which I don't get! Please could someone add the right one on :D