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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Where Do I Belong" Season 7, Episode 12

On this week's episode of  Desperate Housewives , Lynette continues plotting revenge against Tom, and Gaby begins to plot ways to get Grace back. Ailing Susan gets a visit from her mother and aunt. Bree surprises many by reaching out to Paul's wife, Beth. So what did you think of the episode? Did you see Susan's mom diagnosis coming? Do you think Bree and Beth will ever be able to make up? Why is Zach in town, and do you think he really shot his dad? To Read More  Click Here.

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Assassins" Season 7, Episode 11

On Sunday's episode of  Desperate Housewives , two Wisteria Lane residents' lives hang in the balance: Susan was trampled during the riot and Paul Young was shot by an unknown assailant. After finally moving in together, Bree and Keith get an unexpected visit from Orson. Gaby tries to make things right with Juanita, but struggles to truly let go of her biological daughter Grace. Renee ponders whether or not to tell Lynette about her history with Tom. So what did you think of "Assassins?" When will Gaby's downward spiral end? What will Orson try next to win back Bree? How long is Lynette going to torture Tom, and will she ever forgive Renee? And most importantly, who shot Paul Young? To Read More  Click Here.

Who's coming back for Season 7?

Apparently a previous season regular is coming back in the sixth season finale and staying for season 7 - who do you think it could be? I have read about it possibly being Paul or Zach Young or Betty Applewhite but these are just fans guessing. I thought it would be cool if Kayla - Tom's daughter came back. She would be around 20ish now so could cause a lot of trouble.


Apparently Desperate Housewives is going on hiatus, but when will it be back? I rly wanna see 6x11 so if anyone knows pls tell me thx

no episode of desperate housewives this week????

Is there no episode of desperate housewives this week???????? Sorry i live in the uk so not up-to-date with tv in the us. Thanks


I'm very happy that Julie is back this season - even more excited that she seems to be tied into the mystery now (even though being strangled isn't the best way). What does everyone think is going on, and how this will progress? My guess is she slept with the dad although this doesn't seem like a very Julie thing to do and I don't know how that will affect things long term.

Season 6

Can anyone tell me when season 6 will start?


Please tell me it's Susan... Katherine is such a little schemer.

The Horrible Mystery of Wisteria Lane

If season five of DH was a novel, I would have been reluctant to read a story with a running mystery about a crazy husband who has revenge on his mind. Its totally uninteresting. However, DH is no book but an Emmy award winning show, so this season the actors had to make up for what the script lacked, which is quite unfortunate because Neale McDonough and Nicollette Sheridan were what the show was depending on. McDonough plays Dave Williams, Edie's psychotic husband this season and ever since his first appearance, he has spooked me effortlessly. Now that's not a compliment. The man just looks strange and has a way of putting people off, naturally. Also, his acting wasn't believable at all because there's no way that a guy with weird white hair and such a controlled manner of speech could go under the radar. Believe me, I found his presence on the show so ridiculous that it made me want to switch channels and I don't even watch it on tv, I see it online. This season the writers bravely decided to focus on Wisteria Lane's notorious blond, Eddie Britt. Very bad move. Nicollette Sheridan is great at being the bitch, but much to Eddies dissatisfaction, the show doesn't flow well with her at the center of attention. The problem was with the way her character has been portrayed over the years. There's just no depth. (I know you must be thinking about her son's storyline, but that did not suffice to give her a heart). I only cared about Edie when she was basically being Edie and that is being bad. Its like when Eddie was in danger, or even when she eventually died, I didn't even care. So with an actor that I hate and a character that I didn't care about, DH cooked a fresh mystery this season, only to disappoint me. But disappointments is not the only thing it brought. The 5 year skip for one thing kept me glued to the seat. It was executed extremely well. Also, Gabrielle's daughter's obesity storyline and Bree's relationship with her son-in-law were fun to watch. To summarize, season 5 has so far been a let down with only a few good moments. Even the 100th episode was lame. (Come on, who cares about a dead handyman and the insignificant revelations his death brings) All I can say now is "DH writers wake up" and make sure that the finale on May 17th keeps me hungry for the next installment. Desperate Housewives is a Golden Globe award winning comedy-drama based on the housewives of Wisteria Lane and the mysteries that surround them. Catch it on Sunday at 9PM only on ABC

ABC stop with the month long breaks in between new episodes

F**king seriously. Does anyone really think that the way to get ratings back up after a horrendously debauched season four with the writers strike (not that the season was bad) that we really need a vacation every 1.5 episodes? This is almost outrageous. It seems like someone needs to be fired for not doing their job or something. Perhaps that's why people are exiting the show or being written out because they screwed the production over, but as far as I can tell it's pure laziness on the part of ABC's family of douchebags. /rant