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Who shot Deb?

Could it have been quins gf that shot Deb? That seems to be somewhat foreshadowed by Deb asking Quinn if he ever let his gf (the reporter) see the Lundy files. Also when Trinity shows up at her door at the end and she calls him "dad". It could just be her calling him old and she is his next victim.....trinity is next.....dundundunnnnnn..........

Dexter - Hungry Man

Dexter's Hungry Man episode - Is this the best episode yet?

Dexter and Trinity's Relationship

Do you think Dexter will end up letting Trinity in closer to his dark passenger? Trinity could be sort of like the Mexican lawyer from last season....Only because they have so much in common like serial killing and having a loving family.....I don't know if Dexter will actually go through with killing Trinity....He's made himself too familiar and awkward acting around Trinity and his family....It would probably be too peculiar that "Kyle" showed up a couple weeks before Trinity goes missing....Just a thought....Is Trinity next?........dundundunnnnnnnnnnnnnn........

Who do you think shot Deb and Lundy?

I am thinking that Anton may have had a piece in the killing of Lundy and Anton since the shot was from someone not much taller than Masuka.....Let me know what you all think...trinity is next......dundundunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......

Trinity's Coffin

the coffin was for trinity himself....thats why he was about to jump off the side and was saved by Dexter....He doesn't use coffins remember....He buries his individuals under the build projects....trinity is next....dundundunnnnnnnnn......

Dex is slipping

First Quinn is becoming Doakes 2 then Dex kills an innocent man... well innocent seemed like a stretch to me, I would have guessed that he probably had something to do with the deaths from what he was saying, maybe not specifically the last girl but maybe some before and what the hell is with Trinity the guy is so bipolar though I guess not out of place for a serial killer, wonder who the coffin's you think he'll take his own family next or maybe go after Dex?

Dexter Season 4 episode 2

Episode 2 was so amazing. At first I said that he could not have the body in the car and someone said that he did. Thankfully that got sorted out. I cannot wait for him to catch and kill the Trinity killer. Looks like Trinity is going after him and his family. Won't he [Trinity Killer] be both surprise and disapponted to know that there is a serial killer that he is going to tangle with.

Constant Death

Though I know its not real life, Dexter's city has people dieing horribly on a daily basis, no regular gunshots anymore, they gotta be sliced up or diced up.

Season 4 aired already?

I have been watching "Dexter" since it's premiere and it has been fresh and original since the beginning. As I was eagerly waiting for the next season , How is it everyone seems to have seen the first 4 episodes when the first episode doesn't even air until this Sunday?

DEXTER season 4 Episode 1 Leaked online!

For all you Dexter fans :)