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Oh The Finale Broke my heart, Groan, It really did!

Oh Man, This was the saddest event to happen on the show till date! When Dexter killed his brother, I felt a pinch of sadness, but killing Rita and the way it was done, broke my heart and I felt so bad for Dexter! Groan! To be honest, I really dislike his sister, whats her name. The way she meddles into everything and does the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again - I cant believe she can be a Cop, someone with a decision making capacity cant be anything. If they had killed her I would have been more than happy. But with Rita, Dexter felt something - I know she was a bit nagging and stuff, and I wasnt exactly in love with the character, but I liked her because she made Dexter FEEL! S she didnt know what Dexter does or why he is always away. She wanted him to be around , which is a reasonable feeling from a wifes point of view especially with a traumatic past like Rita's. And now, what about the kids, how will Dexter manage now. He already had issues dealing with kids, but with the loss of their mother, what would the kids do. First they lose their father and now Rita - Damn, that was a very bad move writers - very bad indeed! I am sure, sometime later during the season, they would bring in another female charater, to fill in Rita's shoes somehow, but she was there from 4 seasons, who can really get to that level, I think no one.....Its sad, way too sad for me! If any of you guys watch Criminal Minds, when Agent Hotchner lost his Wife, we felt bad a bit really as she was rarely a part of the series, but Rita was a the root character, without her there is always going to be a void. I hope Dexter, gets to his senses and listens to Harry more often, and becomes ruthless. If only he had killed Trinity in the forest, like Harry insisted, nothing like this would have happened! This is a tragedy, which I can never level with!

did that just happen.....?

so I can't believe the ending of ep. 12- is this the final episode of the season or of the series???

Were do you think the next season will go?

Spoiler Alert **************************************** **************************************** **************************************** **************************************** **************************************** **************************************** first off WOW i didn't expect Rita to die but for this discussion im interested to hear where people think the series will go next? personally I have No idea at all, ofcourse greiving for Rita but how will Dexter explain Rita being murdered with the same MO as all the other trinity killing and why she would be one? Any ideas?

dexter season finale

I am still in shock from the ending. x( Oh No!

SHOCK crazy finale-- spoilers

wow, so that was the most insane ending ever. i have no idea where the show is going to go now and i'm SO UPSET. so yes, rita was very annoying this season (and last season). but there was a time when she was completely sweet and amazing. and dexter LOVED her. what the hell is he supposed to do now? she was a really good mom too. AND POOR HARRISON AND CODY AND ASTER!!!!! i'm in complete and utter shock. but is anyone else sad that she's gone? i miss her already. FUCKING TRINITY IS SUCH A DOUCHE. this is exactly like that stupid Se7en with gweneth's head in a box. i won't be able to sleep for a week. poor rita never hurt anyone. THIS IS SO UNFAIR. and before any loser says it, yeah i know she's just a character on a show, but it's still upsetting so shut up.

Anti-Climatic season all the way around.

I honestly havent been happy with the whole 4th season. It started with a wimper and ends in a gut wrencher. I take it this is a vehicle to get back to basics next year. That and mess the kids up some so Dexter can begin training them. Much the way the Dexter book series is going.

Season Finale

When will it be posted online to watch?

Dexter Season 4 -final episode

An amazing season finale! Wow- I was in total shock- didn't see this coming at all!! Thought it would end with Dexter trying to start fresh. Can't believe Trinity got the best of Dexter. One of the best season endings ever!

Hello Dexter Morgan

How freaky was that ending...it portrayed Dexter as inferior to Trinity. Any thoughts?

"The hungry man"'s revelations

An absolutely exciting episode of Dexter this week and a high point for the season! Dexter has gotten right in with Trinity's family and discovers all is not as rosy behind closed doors as he first thought. There were some very, very dramatic scenes when Dexter joins the Mitchells for Thanksgiving dinner after he promised Jonah he'd be there. Jonah had damaged his car and was clearly frightened of his father - rightly it transpires when Arthur breaks Jonah's finger as punishment. Turns out Trinity/Arthur is as much a monster at home as he is when he's out killing people. The dinner turns ugly and we get the most gripping and exciting scene of the season, and one of the best of the entire series, when Trinity attacks his own son. Dexter, having come a long way emotionally since season 1, lets his emotions take over and he grabs Trinity to prevent him strangling Jonah and drags him into the kitchen where his own inner monster reveals itself.. The incredible tension make this episode one of the best in the last season!