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'Criminal Minds' Casts 'Dirty Sexy Money' Alum as Hotch's Love Interest

Bellamy Young will guest star as a museum curator who meets Thomas Gibson 's single parent character in the park while he is training for triathalon. //www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00044571.html

'Gossip Girl' Spoiler: Billy Baldwin Cast As... - Featured

It's time for some big Gossip Girl casting news, and it's about one of the dashing Baldwin brothers. Lucky him, and lucky us! Thank EW's Michael Ausiello for this sweet intel, my dear readers. Dirty Sexy Money alum Billy Baldwin is going to be joining the cast of Gossip Girl as... [Spoiler ahead!] To Read More Click Here .

Ratings for Kings' Royal Send-Off, Dirty Sexy and More

Ratings highlights from the weekend: * Saturday The series finale of NBC's Kings commanded 1.81 million total viewers, gaining 15 percent week-to-week. ABC's Dirty Sexy Money played to 1.83 mil, dropping 15 percent from its first (questionable) episode back. * Sunday With an audience of 6.17 million viewers, Big Brother 11 was up 590K from its previous nomination ceremony and was the night's second-most watched program, trailing only its lead-in, 60 Minutes . NBC's Merlin held steady at 4.2 mil, while lead-out The Storm (starring James Van Der Beek and David James Elliott) premiered Part 1 to 4.9 mil, which is on par with the debut of time-slot predecessor Meteor . Source Here

Ratings: Walter Cronkite Tribute Tops Sunday Night, and More

Some recent ratings highlights: * Friday Fox's Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? drew 4.88 million total viewers, dropping 14 percent from last week. Lead-out Mental matched its previous audience of 3.7 mil. * Saturday NBC's Kings held steady at 1.57 mil; the series finale airs July 25. The first of Dirty Sexy Money 's four burn-off episodes was watched by 2.15 million people. * Sunday The CBS News special That's the Way It Was: Remembering Walter Cronkite was the night's most-watched program, delivering 7.41 million viewers. Lead-out Big Brother 11 (5.58 mil) dropped 17 percent from this season's first nominations episode. Over on NBC, Merlin (4.27 mil) gained 620 thou and the conclusion of Meteor - someone help me out here, did we survive? - inched up a hair to 5.2 mil. Source Here

Final Episodes of Daisies, Stone and Money Will Air - Featured

We announced recently that ABC would finally be airing the remaining Pushing Daisies episodes on Saturday nights at 9PM beginning May 30th. Good news, you thought, but what about Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money ? Wait no longer...ABC has finally set return dates for those two shows as well. Eli Stone air on Saturday nights at 10PM from June 20th through July 11th. 4 episodes remain. Dirty Sexy Money will air in the same timeslot from July 18th through August 8th. 4 episodes remain as well. So...not exactly a primetime slot...but isn't it great that we will get to finally see the remaining episodes of each of these beloved series? Source: TV Guide

Final Pushing Daisies Eps Get ABC Airdate! - Featured

Multiple sources have confirmed that ABC has finally done as promised, and set airdates for the remaining 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies . It's not the most glamorous timeslot, but beginning Saturday May 30th, one episode will air each week at 10PM. The second season will also get a DVD release on July 21st. We will take it! So ABC, will you do the same for Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money ? Source: Zap2it

Dirty Sexy Money Star Talks of a Wild Reunion

Zoe McLellan sure knows how to keep good company. During her run on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money - where she shared scenes with the likes of Peter Krause and Blair Underwood - the actress made time for Reunion, an indie also starring Brett Cullen ( Damages ), Jamey Sheridan ( Law & Order: Criminal Intent ) and Amy Pietz ( Aliens in America ). TVGuide.com spoke with McLellan about the ensemble piece (which revolves around a bombshell-filled gathering of former members of a Yale secret society), as well as when Dirty Sexy fans might expect to see Lisa, Nick and the gang again. To Read The Full Interview Click Here .

Featured Cancellation Buzz: Save Dirty Sexy Money!

Dirty Sexy Money 's Status: Dirty Sexy Money , along with ABC's Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone , has been canceled with a few unaired episodes still hanging without assurance if they'll get aired. ABC needs a big fan push to air those episodes and to give DSM a chance for another season as there's more Darling drama to be had if only given the chance! Here's what you can do to help: Example: SideReel Page: Dirty Sexy Money Graphic: Sign the petition: Save Dirty Sexy Money Petition Join our Facebook Group and invite others to spread the love and keep up to date on DSM's status: Save Dirty Sexy Money Facebook Group Mail 'I Heart Dirty Sexy Money' Keychains and letters to ABC: Dirty Sexy Money / ABC 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521-4551 Email: ABC Contact Email We'd love to hear about anything you do to help the campaign, so feel free to comment about any efforts you've made to inspire other fans to help too!

Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone: Quest for the Remaining Episodes - Featured

ABC has provided an update on when we might expect to see the remaining filmed episodes of Eli Stone (4), Dirty Sexy Money (4) and of course, Pushing Daisies (3). Sadly, though, the news isn't all that encouraging. ABC insiders have revealed that all of the remaining episodes will be burned off this summer, beginning June at the earliest. Sadly, even candid camera specials (What Would You Do?) and reruns perform considerably better than each of these programs when they were airing in their respective timeslots. Thus, ABC can't afford to air 'em during the regular TV season. Guess it's better than nothing that we'll get the episodes come June. Let's just hope they keep their word to air them then... Source: E!Online

Where's Pushing Daisies, You Ask?

Here's another sting to Pushing Daisies fans. The show is off of ABC's schedule as of tonight. A new episode was originally scheduled to air, though it was pulled at the last minute. Though the show was canceled, the final 3 filmed episodes are still ready-to-go, though they currently have no place on ABC's schedule. Says Michael Ausiello in reference to those remaining eps: "Actually, at this point, we'll be lucky if they air at all. Episode 11 of Daisies was originally scheduled to air tonight, but, per Bryan Fuller, the network dropped it from the schedule at the last minute. "They are not scheduled to air right now," he sighs, "and that's all we know." Let's have a round of applause for network TV!" And..though not stated...I imagine that both Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone have found themselves in the same situation, as both also have remaining episodes but are currently absent from ABC's schedule entirely. Source: AA