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Dracula Season 1 Review “Of Monsters & Men”

In the final episode of the year of “Dracula,” the man himself finally got his day in the sun in “Of Monsters & Men.” And I mean that literally, as his daydreams became reality when Van Helsing’s experimentation finally paid off and Dracula was able to walk in direct sunlight for the first time for an extended amount of time, no doubt since becoming a vampire in the first place. How ironic that, instead of genuinely getting to enjoy it, he spent the entire time in…wait for it…a business meeting! Good times, it was not. On the plus side, it bought him some time with the Order, who were convinced Grayson was the vampire they were looking for that Jayne claimed she had already dispensed of. Lucky for her, and him, Van Helsing’s experiments worked, or both would have been in a pretty awkward situation, as Browning made clear to Jayne in a snippy exchange before the meeting at hand, which he was convinced Grayson would not show up for in the first place. Oh well. Points for good timing go to Van Helsing, for the win. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/12/09/dracula-season-1-review-of-monsters-men/