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Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Set 3 DVD Review

Just to get us all caught up, I will summarize what happened towards the end of the previous box set leading up to this point. Goku is stuck inside Freeza's ship, healing from his battle within Ginyu's body. Vegeta, Kuririn, Gohan and Piccolo have all had their turns fighting against Freeza in his various forms. Each have had varying degrees of success. Freeza finally says "screw it" and powered up to his final form. The sleek, silver and purple design we are all familiar with. He easily overpowers the entire group until Vegeta believes himself a worthy foe and steps up to the plate. He was sadly mistaken. Goku finally recovers and the main event of the entire Namek arc is underway. Goku and Freeza goat each other on, rumble for a bit, talk some smack, then rumble a bit more. If there is one thing that Freeza can do, its taunt his opponent. He is truly "S" Class when it comes to this aspect. Ryusei Nakao's flamboyant, confident and malicious delivery brings it all together making Freeza a character who can not only talk a good game, but back it up. In one of the many memorable moments of the arc, Freeza proclaims that he isn't even using 50% of his power (or 1% of his power in the English dub...quite a difference there) then proves it. However, Freeza has his fatal flaws: Hubris and just plain stupidity. Read More Click Me!

Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Set 2 - DVD Review

While Goku recovers and waits for another set of Senzu Beans, the team of Bulma, Kuririn and Gohan have landed on the planet of Namek. This is the original home planet of Piccolo and Kami. It is also where the Dragon balls originated. Their mission is simple: Get the Dragon Balls and wish everyone who was killed by Vegeta and Nappa back to life. Doing so would also bring their Dragon Balls back as well. Upon landing, they sense a power level they never imagined existed. The Galactic Overlord Freeza listened in on Vegeta's battle on Earth. Wishing eternal youth for himself, he set his sights on the poor planet, systematically killing any Nameks in his way. When they arrived, Freeza had already amassed the majority of the Dragon Balls for himself. Vegeta also arrives on the planet looking for the Dragon Balls. He had been working for Freeza throughout his entire life and he sees this chance to finally strike back at the diminutive alien. Right off the bat, the Z Warriors find the odds completely stacked against them. Not only can they not stand up to either Vegeta or Freeza, but even Freeza's underlings are ridiculously powerful. Read More Click Me!

Dragon Ball Z Season 1 Review

No matter how many times you dress up Dragon Ball Z - which Funimation has done many times now - it's still Dragon Ball Z. This Dragon Box edition is a more pristine, honest version of the show than we've seen since Funimation first licensed it, granted, but it's still grunting strongmen shooting lasers from their hands, dying reversible deaths, and stopping to watch the grass sway and the clouds pass overhead as they power up for fourteen minutes. Nobody's learning a greater truth about humanity here. There's nothing here to make you contemplate the essence of life, the universe, or the purpose of all things; in the 42 episodes included in this inaugural Dragon Box, it boils down to Kung-fu Huck Finn versus a Russ Troll with attitude. That said, after so many years, it's still fun to lose yourself in this colorful, often exciting, occasionally humorous, and almost always entertaining action show. There's a reason it's considered a classic, a staple of action anime. The episodes contained on this set cover the first arc, from the arrival of Raditz until the defeat of Vegeta, and a little of the next arc, the trip to Kami's homeworld of Namek. The set ends in the midst of filler episodes that bridge the two arcs. It's quite a dizzying amount of episodes, and the filler at the end makes the viewer long for the next set, or else wish it had ended with the defeat of the first arc's major enemy. It's a long series, but with six sets more to go, it's hard to be picky about where the set leaves off. To Read More Click me!