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CBS Renews 11 Shows, No Decision on Criminal Minds, Supergirl, CSI: Cyber

CBS has issued early renewals to 11 series for the 2016-17 season, but conspicuously missing from the pickup list is long-running procedural Criminal Minds. Other glaring omissions include CSI: Cyber and all of the Eye networks rookie offerings, including Supergirl, Limitless and Code Black. List of renewed shows include Blue Bloods, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, Madam Secretary, [] //

WATCH: Natalie Dormer's Moriarty appears in new 'Elementary' promo

Its been a long time since weve seen Moriarty (Natalie Dormer) on Elementary and unfortunately, the wait will continue. The Game of Thrones star does, however, appear in a new promo for the shows Sunday, March 27 episode, which will be officially unveiled following this...  Read More... //

NCIS, Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory and 21 Others Get Finale Dates at CBS

One week after sister network The CW did same, CBS has emerged as the second broadcaster to unveil their finale plan for the 2015-16 TV season. The freshman sitcom Life in Pieces kicks off the farewell tour on March 31 (and with a supersized closer), while Undercover Boss is the last of the in-season shows [] //

Get your first look at Virginia Madsen on 'Elementary'

Gregson is finally getting a little lovin of his own when Virginia Madsen arrives on Elementary this spring and EW has an exclusive first look. As we first reported, the Sideways star will play Paige Cowen, a former NYPD detective involved in a budding relationship with Gregson...    Read More... //

Elementary star Miller: Sherlock and Watson wont hook up

Jonny Lee Miller is best-known to TV fans as quirky, brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the recovering addict and crime solver who teams with Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) on Elementary to help the NYPD crack labyrinthian cases (usually involving murder). The modern-day take on Arthur Conan Doyles sleuth is now in its fourth season on CBS....   Read More... //

Elementary Sneak Peek: Did Sherlock Try to Kill His Father?!

Hows this for family dysfunction? On Thursdays Elementary (CBS, 10/9c), Morland confesses that he once suspected his own son of trying to off him! In TVLines exclusive video, Sherlock confronts his pops about the shocking reveal, assuring him that even though his theory is false Youre alive after all, the younger Holmes points out [] //

Elementary Sneak Peek: Are Watson and [Spoiler] Doing It?

Some HR advice from Sherlock Holmes: Dont dip your pen in the company ink. In TVLines exclusive video from Thursdays Elementary (CBS, 10/9c), the P.I. suspects that Watson and Bells relationship has crossed the line into between-the-sheets territory, and hes not happy about it. Joan (sort of) denies any sexual activity between herself and the [] //

CBS Midseason: 'Elementary' Displaces 'CSI: Cyber,' 'Rush Hour' Takes Over on Thursdays

When additional episodes of 'CSI: Cyber' will air after its two-week test on Wednesdays remains unclear.  Read More... //

'Elementary' sneak peek: Joan confronts stepdad over THE book

Joans stepdad has some explaining to do. When Elementary returns, Joan (Lucy Liu) wont be happy with her stepfather, Henry Watson (John Heard), after he penned a crime novel about her and Sherlocks (Jonny Lee Miller) escapades. How far will she go to protect Sherlock? See Joan confront...   Read More... //

'Elementary' casts Virginia Madsen as Gregson love interest

Theres a lot of lovin to be had on Elementary in 2016. Virginia Madsen has landed a guest-starring role as a potential love interest for Gregson, EW has learned exclusively. The Sideways star will play Paige Cowen, a former NYPD detective involved in a budding relationship with...   Read More... //