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Eleventh Hour - time for more....

I'm LOVING this series. Rufus Sewell is fantastic and Marley Shelton is strong and interesting as a sidekick. The new addition of Felix is great - I like how he's really sharp and efficient, and not just the usual bumbling funny turn. I think it's turning into a great team effort, and an interesting series. Hope there's more!

How to make a show more funny?

Here's a simple solution: Black+Fat+Funny=The real deal!

elventh hr

could some one take a look at this weeks episode please its not working for me if its the same for you could you add more links

no way

m sorry but i found the titans episode of eleventh hour sooooooooo boring, plus dat fbi woman is driving me to sleep with her boring acting.

Eleventh Hour, Quick summery:

This Jerry Bruckheimer ( CSI ) produced sci-fi series on CBS is an adaptation of a British thriller of the same name. The new show is about a special science adviser to the US government who saves people from the worst abuses of science. He is accompanied by his feisty female bodyguard. CBS ordered the show to series on 12 May 2008 with a 13 episode initial order. To read up on the rest of this discussion, visit TV.com