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Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone: Quest for the Remaining Episodes - Featured

ABC has provided an update on when we might expect to see the remaining filmed episodes of Eli Stone (4), Dirty Sexy Money (4) and of course, Pushing Daisies (3). Sadly, though, the news isn't all that encouraging. ABC insiders have revealed that all of the remaining episodes will be burned off this summer, beginning June at the earliest. Sadly, even candid camera specials (What Would You Do?) and reruns perform considerably better than each of these programs when they were airing in their respective timeslots. Thus, ABC can't afford to air 'em during the regular TV season. Guess it's better than nothing that we'll get the episodes come June. Let's just hope they keep their word to air them then... Source: E!Online

Season 2 starts in Germany today.

From today on, Pro 7 will show season 2 on Wednesdays at 10pm. Please tune in, so that it will last long enough to see the 4 unaired episodes at least in Germany.

Interview with Marc Guggenheim: Saving Eli Stone

In his interview with newsarama, Marc Guggenheim expresses his hope for saving Eli Stone: Click me! A Website has been created to unit the different approaches to save this great show: A few petitions have been started. This one is the biggest so far: 4345 people signed the following petition: Click me Please sign the petition and spread the word about it.

Where's Pushing Daisies, You Ask?

Here's another sting to Pushing Daisies fans. The show is off of ABC's schedule as of tonight. A new episode was originally scheduled to air, though it was pulled at the last minute. Though the show was canceled, the final 3 filmed episodes are still ready-to-go, though they currently have no place on ABC's schedule. Says Michael Ausiello in reference to those remaining eps: "Actually, at this point, we'll be lucky if they air at all. Episode 11 of Daisies was originally scheduled to air tonight, but, per Bryan Fuller, the network dropped it from the schedule at the last minute. "They are not scheduled to air right now," he sighs, "and that's all we know." Let's have a round of applause for network TV!" And..though not stated...I imagine that both Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone have found themselves in the same situation, as both also have remaining episodes but are currently absent from ABC's schedule entirely. Source: AA

ELI STONE "Help!" (Season 2 Episode 7)

Watch a promo from ELI STONE Season 2 Episode 7, "Help!" airing this Tuesday, December 9, at 10pm on ABC.

Eli Stone Star and Wife Welcome Their First Baby

Jonny Lee Miller and his wife, actress Michele Hicks have welcomed a baby boy into their lives. Buster Timothy Miller was born Wednesday, weighing in at 9 lbs. He's the couple's first child. Miller, who plays the title character of ABC's Eli Stone , and Hicks were married earlier this year. Previously, he was married to Angelina Jolie, his costar in Hackers . The two divorced in 1999.

Will DSM, Daisies and Stone Have Satisfying Endings?

We already know that they're canceled . I've passed the denial phase and now lay somewhere between anger and bargaining (see 5 Stages of Grief ). What's to bargain? Dear ABC, please please please give us the satisfaction of a conclusive ending to each of these series. So will we get it? From Ask Ausiello : Question: I'm still deeply in mourning over Pushing Daisies. But in all the worry about Daisies, I haven't seen anything anywhere on my other two dearly departed ABC shows. Any word on whether Dirty Sexy Money or Eli Stone's final episodes will provide any closure? Three of my favorite shows being dropped mid-storyline would be too much to bear. Ausiello: Good news. Unlike Daisies, DSM and Eli had the time and money to produce what an ABC insider describes as "satisfying series endings." DSM will finally answer the question, "Who whacked Dutch?" (brace yourself for a killer twist), while Eli wraps with what my source describes as a "powerful scene between Eli and his father."'s sounding like 2 for 3. Is this any consolation for you fans?

Exclusive: Will Everwood's Ephram Be Eli Stone's Last Client?

This much is certain - Everwood alum Gregory Smith is among the ensemble of guest stars on board for the 13th episode of Eli Stone 's second season. Given recent events and scheduling announcements made by ABC, that outing would appear to be the legal drama's swan song. Though unconfirmed, it appears that Smith will be playing the boyfriend of a deceased college coed whose parents refuse to give up her heart for a transplant because the recipient does not share in their religious beliefs. To think that Smith came thisclose to joining his Everwood honey, Emily VanCamp, on Brothers & Sisters ...had he, you know, instead appeared on an entirely different ABC series that airs several nights earlier. OK, maybe he didn't exactly come thisclose. But reuniting those two kids sure was fun to think about for a moment there, right? read from: TvGuide

Sign Me! Save Eli Stone

Please sign! Don't they realize no one is going to take the time to watch anything if there is no trust that good shows will stay on the air? Why get invested in something only to have it ripped away after you begin to care about the characters? And what about the increase in technology that means people watch these shows differently than before? so, the only thing ever left on TV is violent crime dramas now. I like those shows, but sometimes I am in the mood for somethings sweet, endearing and optimistic like Eli Stone. How stupid do you have to be to work as a network executive?

Cancellation Danger Zone: Pushing Daisies No Longer Safe, and Dirty Sexy Money?

ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies, executive producer Bryan Fuller confirms to Kristen of E! exclusively. So take out the bag pipes and light a few candles for a great show shot down. This innovative show, a rare cinematography based treat, has been canceled, and to add insult to injury it will be left off at a cliff hanger no less. Also up in the air, however, is Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone who have, reportedly, been canceled, but no confirmation has been given as to whether or not this is a definite [so people, pray that this is another Lipstick Jungle-esque debacle]. Source