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Enlightened Recap: Doodles of Flowers

The thing about casting: It can be so surprising that it makes the production in question even more comforting than it already is, being fictional and colorful and, in the case of Enlightened , relatable. When Robin Wright’s wise and beautiful face shows up at the beginning of this week’s episode, we are as excited as Amy is — just that she’s here, but also in anticipation of what she will do while here. Wright plays Sandy, whom Amy met at the treatment center in Hawaii. Sandy is in town to teach a yoga intensive, and Amy insists that she stay with Amy at her mother’s house. It turns out Sandy has become something of a healer since her own breakdown, which was caused by a longtime, high-stress job as a government speechwriter. Now Sandy has that lovely, subtly bronzed glow of the truly at peace, or just comparatively at peace. But Amy isn’t at all knocked down when Sandy swans in with advice on low-acid diets and a knack for getting reticent, repressed types like Amy’s mom and Levi to open up to her, seeming so ahead in the recovery process, somehow better at it. But there are hints of strain, tremors from below, from the very start of the episode. Read More... //nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/11/enlightened-enlightened-recap-let-it-go.html