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"No Time" for Clooney's Pranks on ER Set

George Clooney is notorious for on-set pranks, but he let his costars off easy during his return visit to ER 's County General. "There were none," Julianna Margulies told Us. "We shot everything in two days. We had no time. He was on a film schedule. I was coming from New York, and I had a baby to get back to, so there was no time for pranks." Even without the jokes, Margulies, who played Clooney's love interest from 1994 to 2000, said she was happy to be back. "It was a lovely experience - just going back," Margulies said. "The crew - some of them had been there since the beginning. And being on the set again and working with John Wells who directed and wrote the episode we did... it was like coming home. It felt really good." Nurse Carol and Dr. Ross - as well as their twins Tess and Kate, now in the fourth grade -will return to County General on March 12. "You pick up a slice of their life now," Margulies said. "It's very satisfying." ER draws its 15th and final season to a close on April 2.

Watch a sneak peek of Season 15 Episode 19, ''Old Times''

Neela (Parminder Nagra) and Sam (Linda Cardellini) are shocked when they arrive back to the airport with transplant organs only to find that their plane has left them. Dr. Carter (guest star Noah Wyle) gets a surprise visit from an old friend (guest star Eriq La Salle) while waiting for his kidney transplant. Dr. Banfield (Angela Bassett) bonds with an abandoned baby boy that is left at the ER. John Stamos, Scott Grimes and David Lyons also star. Airing this Thursday March 12 at 10pm on NBC. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Week of 3/8 - Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

Another great week of television is upon us! 10 things we are most excited for: 1. The L Word finishes up its run! - Loved it or hated it , we've got to single out the "Last Word" for groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word . Still holding out hope for that spinoff? 2. Breaking Bad Season 2 Premiere! - You might have glossed over this show's quick 7 episode first season, but Bryan Cranston's Emmy-award winning performance makes this one that you definitely don't want to miss! 3. Guest star mania on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory ! Laura Prepon hits up HIMYM as Ted's ex-girlfriend and Summer Glau hits up Big Bang as herself! 4. Premiere of Dancing with the Stars ! I was never a DWTS enthusiast, but the Olympics-nut that I was...I can't wait to see little Shawn Johnson put on her dancing shoes! Steve Wozniak should be a hoot as well. 5. Nathan Fillion returns to TV in Castle ! Guest starring in Desperate Housewives was a start, but we all know that Nathan Fillion deserves his own show! 6. South Park returns! South Park returns Wednesday night with an episode promising to skewer those slightly obnoxious Jonas Brothers and their purity rings... 7. Chopping Block premieres on NBC! Yeah, it looks like a cheap knock off of every other cooking show on TV, but its high time NBC introduces its own spin on the food theme, so we're willing to give this a shot! 8. Smallville and Supernatural return to The CW! - It's about damn I right? Look for Tori Spelling's return to Smallville as Linda Lake. 9. Old Friends visit the ER ! - Eriq La Salle pays his dues this week as ER continues its swan song. Noah Wyle's (Dr. Carter) guest starring run also continues. Oh, and though only word: Clooney. 10. It's the beginning of the end for Battlestar Galactica ! - This Friday marks the first part of SciFi's sure-to-be-epic conclusion of BSG. It's a can't miss! What can't you wait for on TV this week?

'Burn Notice' finale tops cable ratings

USA Network spy thriller " Burn Notice " is now the hottest show on cable. The skein finished its second season Thursday with two series highs: 6.1 million total viewers and 2.7 million adults 18-49. Starring Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar, "Burn Notice" originally became a hit for USA running in the summer months. Yet the series notably garnered its best numbers in the just-completed second leg of season two by going directly against broadcast competish at 10 p.m. during the first quarter of the year. On Thursday, the show faced off against an " ER " episode featuring the returns of Noah Wyle and Eriq La Salle, as well as a new episode of CBS' " Eleventh Hour ." While "Burn Notice's" numbers during the latter half of its second season were competitive with those 10 o'clock broadcast dramas, they also outstripped basic cable's incumbent ratings champion, TNT's "The Closer," during its first-quarter run on Monday nights. Source here

Ratings: CSI Digs Up a Big Audience - Featured

Thursday's ratings snapshot: * 8 pm/ET American Idol 's lucky number was (Top) 13, as it won the night with an audience of 21.24 million total viewers, a 6 percent dip from Wednesday's results show. Survivor placed a distant second with 11.98 mil (down 300K week-to-week), followed by Ugly Betty (slipping 430 thou, to 6.38 mil). NBC's Earl (5.55 mil) dropped 17 percent from its last fresh outing, while Kath & Kim (4.16 mil) saw a decent gain. * 9 pm CSI nipped at Idol's heels for best-of-night honors, surging 17 percent to deliver 20.8 million viewers. That's the procedural's biggest draw since Grissom said goodbye. (Um, thanks, Taylor Swift...?) With Grey's taking a knee (and goosed by Idol's overrun), Hell's Kitchen cooked up a second-place finish with 8.63 mil. The Office (8.63 mil) dipped 270K, while 30 Rock leaped 17 percent to hit 7.35 mil. * 10 pm Eleventh Hour was No. 1 in viewers (with 12.15 mil, up 420K), while ER (8.789 mil) topped the demos. Source here

Preview of Julianna Margulies and Susan Sarandon in 'ER'

On March 12, Dr. Carter gets a surprise visit from an old friend while waiting for his kidney transplant. With four episodes left, Eriq La Salle returns to " ER " to reprise his role as Dr. Benton. Also spotted in the preview which has just been released are Julianna Margulies who reprises Nurse Carol Hathaway and Susan Sarandon as a patient's mother. Should the rumors are to be believed then the next week's episode of "ER" would also be the one with George Clooney returning as Dr. Doug Ross. Executive producer John Wells would not confirm this but he told EW that not all those who come back will be cramped in one episode. "You should not expect them all to be in the finale," he said. "We've spread them out over the season. I didn't want to do something like somebody dies, or there is a celebration, or the hospital closes, so that's why everybody comes back. I wanted it to be natural." Also in the episode called "Old Times", Neela and Sam are shocked when they arrive back to the airport with transplant organs only to find that their plane has left them. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

'Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel Scrubbing for 'ER' Finale - Featured

Former " Gilmore Girls " star, Alexis Bledel, is chosen to guest-star on the series finale of NBC's " ER ", People reported. The final episode, which will be broadcast on April 2, sets the 27-year-old beauty in the role as Dr. Julia Wise, a new intern at County General. Bledel joins several stars for the medical drama's farewell season, who will reprise their roles in the March 12 episode, including George Clooney as Doug and Julianna Margulies as Carol. Rumor has it, Susan Sarandon will also star as a patient's grandmother. "ER" is an American medical drama which is mainly shot in the emergency room of fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. It was created by the late novelist, Michael Crichton. The TV series, that was run on NBC since September 19, 1994, has produced more than 300 episodes so far. Source Here

Preview of 'ER' 15.18: What We Do

There is a big reason why Dr. Carter is back in the " ER ". Next week on the medical drama, the man who has saved many lives is now begging for life as he is attached to a dialysis machine. Called "What We Do", the fifth episode before season finale, airs March 5 Meanwhile, a camera crew interviews the staff at County General for a documentary on emergency medicine. Morris' cop girlfriend gets injured on the job and is rushed into the ER with gunshot wounds. Neela wonders why her relationship with Brenner lacks so much communication. Sam struggles to make amends with her mother (guest star Amy Madigan). Warning spoiler ahead. Carter is waiting for a kidney transplant which he will get in the March 12 episode. But before that he will receive a visit from an old friend, Dr. Benton (guest star Eriq La Salle) who will help him in time of crisis. For The Preview Click Here . Source here

George Clooney's ER Episode to Air March 12

George Clooney and Julianna Margulies episode's to Air March 12 George Clooney will be back in his ER scrubs for one final episode of the NBC medical drama that will air March 12. A show insider tells PEOPLE that Clooney will reunite with Julianna Margulies in a storyline that also features Susan Sarandon, making her ER debut as a grandmother grief-stricken over the sudden death of her grandson. Although execs of Warner Brothers and NBC have been coy about Clooney's return, ER's executive producer John Wells did tell PEOPLE on Wednesday that the March 12 episode will be a memorable one. "If you're a fan of ER, you won't want to miss this one," said Wells, stopping short of naming the main attraction, Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross. * Reunited Lovers The episode brings Clooney's character back to his longtime love Margulies' nurse Carol Hathaway. Will the star-crossed pair finally get their happy ending? Wells, who wrote the series' final episodes, would say only, "I want their story to be very fulfilling in the end." Clooney, 47, left ER in 1999 for roles on the big screen. Margulies, 42, who exited the series the following year, recently welcomed her first child Kieran, with husband, attorney Keith Lieberthal. The show began shooting its two-hour final episode this week. Its series finale will air April 2. Source here

ER Season 15 Episode 17 ''T-Minus-6''

After getting frustrated with In Vitro Fertilization Dr. Banfield (Angela Bassett) and her husband (guest star Courtney B. Vance) decide to try an adoption agency to fulfill their dreams of having a family. Dr. Carter (guest star Noah Wyle) quickly tries to jump back into working at County but struggles with all the new procedures and technology. Sam (Linda Cardellini) is shocked when her mom (guest star Amy Madigan) comes into the ER in an altered state of mind. John Stamos, Parminder Nagra, Scott Grimes and David Lyons also star. For The Sneak Peek Click here . Source here