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Eye Candy' fan recap: And the killer is ...

Weeks of murders and Eye Candy twists have lead to this moment: the Flirtual killer’s identity! Eye Candy‘s resident stalker is revealed. And boy, is it a shocker! The Flirtual killer has played a dangerous game, and with only one episode left in the season, Lindy needs to be careful about whom she trusts. The ninth episode of MTV’s Eye Candy begins with the past burial of unmarked graves on Hart Island. No headstones; no way of identifying the bodies except for their numbers. But one coffin is different—there’s a body with "Sara" tattooed on the wrist. Could this be Lindy’s missing sister? READ MORE...

Eye Candy's Victoria Justice on Tommy and Lindy's Future, Killer Finale Reveal

With only two episodes left inEye Candys freshman season, time is running out for leading lady Lindy to expose the Flirtual killer and track down her sister but first, a little boy drama. Following last weeks reveal that Tommy and the cyber crimes unit concealed crucial information from her, Lindy is understandably keeping her [] //tvline.com/2015/03/09/eye-candy-season-finale-spoilers-lindy-tommy-flirtual-killer/

Eye Candy 1x09 - Promo "FYEO"

Lindy attempts to find out more about her sister's abduction and looks for help from Jake. Airs Monday March 09 on MTV.