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Family Guy Review: "Turban Cowboy"

In a Family Guy tradition, they do an episode where Peter becomes a temporary member of some other culture. " Turban Cowboy "  takes Peter wading in the shallow end of the Islam pool, making largely just easy jokes and exploiting lazy stereotypes about Muslims. Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Call Girl”

On the latest episode of "Family Guy," entitled "Call Girl," someone actually takes a liking to Lois’ voice for once, and wants to hire her to do voice-over work. Thinking she’s on the fast track to easy money, Lois is thrilled, showing up with visions of stars in her eyes: "I can’t believe I’m a celebrity now. I might hit someone with my car on the way home, just for kicks." Now just hold there, LiLo, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Turns out the guy wants her for his phone sex line, which is a little frightening. I mean, I’ve never used one before, but I think if I called one and someone that sounded like Lois answered, I never would again. Yikes! Still, the money’s good, so Lois takes the job anyway, envisioning at least a new set of pots and pans. Salesman: "This is a very nice set- you must be a phone whore!" Lois: "You bet your sweet ass I am!" LOL. READ MORE...

Family Guy Review: Don't Mention the Internet

Well, Family Guy turned in an episode with " Call Girl " that is kind of disturbing for how its characters acted, but at least there was a complexity to the situations that made things interesting. The interesting plot line here is Peter cheating on Lois., How it gets there is a bit crazy as it starts with a birdhouse modeled after the governor's mansion on Benson , which leads to Peter owning a falcon, then getting sued for stealing someone's motorcycle with the falcon, and then Lois winding up with a job as a phone sex operator. Thankfully, they did make a joke about how out of touch with, well, the internet, that is. It's a circuitous path to get Peter to call Lois on this phone sex line, but they get there. Read More... //

Family Guy Review: Wasting a Cialis

" Chris Cross " is proof that one should not doubt Family Guy . Last week’s " Valentine’s Day in Quahog " episode claimed that it was further evidence of the show’s decline. Sure, it was actually really good, but this week’s is so bad that it’s a contender for the worst episode of the series. I mean, this was just absolutely unfunny. The story felt hackneyed. Chris has to be Meg’s slave? Gee, that’s never been done in a story ever before. And then Chris ran away, which, again, cliched. Running away to Herbert’s should have been a source of much comedy, but the premise was bungled from the start, with the only funny part being a gag involving Herbert bringing his bed closer to Chris’ bed, then taking it away when he farts. Its conclusion didn’t feel satisfying either, thanks to Chris basically just treating Herbert like a jerk and leaving. The genesis of the story, Meg treating Chris like a jerk felt a bit out of place too, though Mila Kunis clearly had fun with playing evil Meg. Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Chris Cross”

On the latest  "Family Guy,"  we learned a few things about a few of our main characters, Chris and Stewie, plus a little about Meg as well. The main focus was Chris, as evidenced by the title of the episode,  " Chris Cross ."  Tired of never fitting in- loved the flashback of a svelte Chris with a cowboy hat, lamenting: "Of all the years to be trim and well-hatted," as everyone around him was fat and wearingbaseball caps . That explains a lot, as Chris gained weight  and changed hats to fit in with the cool kids, only to see thin be in the next year. Oh well. READ MORE...

Family Guy Review: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

There’s a joke in the opening credits of " Valentine’s Day in Quahog " that says this is "Further evidence of Family Guy ’s decline." Sure, the later era of this series can be mediocre. But if anything, this episode is actually evidence that this show still has a lot to work with and can be legitimately hilarious and enjoyable. The episode was a parody of the movie Valentine’s Day , with many stories centered around individual characters. It’s hectic, and the intercutting of each can make it hard to keep track, but the brevity of each segment helped to make each one work. There were still occasional cutaways and referential humor, but each story had to make its point quickly, and it felt like the jokes and funny lines just kept on coming. Read More... //

Family Guy Review: Breakfast for Dinner is Anarchy!

Family Guy can be a very misanthropic show: the sense that maybe these people just do not like each other sometimes pervades the show, seemingly depending on who’s writing the script. So unfortunately, the show can be often just quite an unpleasant experience, as " The Giggity Wife " was. Charmese, Quagmire’s prostitute wife, felt less like a character, and more like a way for the show to create the most disgusting piece of humanity that they could, and then they had their fun making fun of what they created, and expecting the viewer to go along with it. Really, it was just unpleasant more than anything. I didn’t really feel sympathy toward Quagmire for trying to get out, if anything, I was disgusted that he and his friends would go out, get wrecked, and then just try to get out of suffering the consequences for any of their actions. And you wonder why Lois is emotionally distant, as Baio said? Peter and Quagmire trying to hook up went about as poorly as one could have expected, and of course they didn’t wind up actually having sex, just getting almost there before Charmese called it off. And there’s the whole gay panic angle of "OMG Peter and Quagmire are going to have sex, how disgusting and awful" that gets played up as well. Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “The Giggity Wife”

The latest episode of "Family Guy" drove the joke home started earlier in the evening  on  "The Cleveland Show" …or came pretty close, if you get my meaning. Basically,  "The Giggity Wife"  was like a cross between  "What Happens in Vegas"  and the indie comedy  "Humpday,"  with Quagmire waking up hitched to a skanky hooker and having to fake being gay to get out of it when the woman wanted to make a go of things. Peter, of course, had a field day with all of this, laying on the insults fast and furious. Two of my faves include: "Your wife is a human toilet" (um, eew- especially given the visuals that went with it) and "I’ll bet she’s what happens if you put a  Hooters  girl in a microwave  on high." Not that the hilariously-dubbed Charmese was any easier on herself: "I got to check on a whistling sound" she told everyone at dinner, after confessing she couldn’t have kids because she’d "been stabbed in the vagina." (!) Stay classy,  "Family Guy." READ MORE...

Family Guy Review: The Dog Lies Down on Broadway

This episode of Family Guy , simply entitled " Brian's Play ," was off-kilter and left me feeling uncomfortable for many reasons, even though I think I enjoyed what it brought to the table. It starts with the first sequence. Brian writes a play? It’s sure to be hackneyed and terrible, as that’s how the show has presented Brian’s writing. And yes, his play, "A Passing Fancy", was in fact quite hackneyed. But the audience thought it was rip-roaringly good, an irony that the show rarely possesses. This is usually more in-your-face with its comedy. Heck, it literally announces its pop culture references that it is about to make. Read More... //

Family Guy Season 11 Review “Brian’s Play”

In the latest episode of  "Family Guy,"  both Brian and Stewie got a taste of the limelight in  "Brian’s Play."  First up was Brian, who composed a play that became the toast of Quahog, for what that was worth. Even Lois was impressed of Brian’s accomplishment: "It’s hard to believe  it’s the same dog that barked at a pineapple  for four hours." Peter also was delighted, though it brought back not-so-happy memories of his own stage experiences as a child, when he played the plant in  "Little Shop of Horrors" and had a little "accident" in the suit. Alas, only one of those  happy/sad  theater masked people had a good time. Oh well. Can’t please everyone, I guess. READ MORE...