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Did you spot the Firefly reference in last night's Castle?

Guess That Firefly Reference With Nathan Fillion

26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook - Featured

Entertaiment Weekly has constructed one of their giant lists - this one of canceled-too-soon TV shows, in honor of the DVD release of one such show, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Popular favorites on the list include Moonlight , Journeyman , Firefly , Swingtown and this season's Life on Mars (but no Eli Stone ?!). Check out the full list: 26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook And share which canceled show you are most distraught over...or which show is missing from this list.

New Doll House TV Series

My father introduced me to this show and I was very intrigued by it. Its is produced or directed by the same guy who did Firefly. I think if they don't kill it off immediately like they did with Firefly it might become something great! Anyone else have opinions about this new show?

EW's Top 25 of Sci-Fi since 1983

Do you agree with the Entertainment Weekly's countdown of the best 25 of Sci-Fi since 1983? Here's a teaser for you: 25. V: THE MINISERIES (1983) 24. GALAXY QUEST (1999) 23. DOCTOR WHO (1963-Present) 22. QUANTUM LEAP (1989-1993) 21. FUTURAMA (1999-2003) to find out the rest click