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Why is FlashForward Cancled?

I am hoping, like myself, many of you are confused as to why such a good TV series as FlashForward has been cancled. Dispite an about 50% drop in viewers from 12 million to 5 million (id like to think because of the crap break that they had for months) the show has delivered. After watching the series finale, I wanted more. It is strange how a TV show like Smallville with around 1.5 million viewers on average during last season is being renewed, but this show isnt (even though they are on different tv channels). But anyways i guess its better to burnout than fade away. For all the fans of the show, I am glad that the ending, although sad, was well made. Kudos to the show.

Anyone besides me call Demitri as Janis' sperm donor?

I KNEW it!! at first I was like why the hell would they pick the only lesbian to get pregnant?! it's not like she can just run out and have a one night stand! then i thought hey she and demitri should just hook up since he'll be dead in a couple months anyways.......and sure enough! this episode he lays that option on the table!! i can't wait to see what happens next! this show has gotten pretty boring lately but i'm glad Janis may finally conceive her "Willa"! yay!!!

Revelation Zero, and the catchup episode that aired before it

There are new links for the two-hour return of Flashforward, entitled "Revelation Zero". However, there are also links for the hour long catchup show of Flashforward that aired before Revelation Zero, and some of these are incorrectly titled "Revelation Zero". We are trying to get the title on these changed so users can tell the difference, so bear with us if we miss some. And if you are adding links, please be precise and don't mark the catchup show with the regular episode's title, please!

SideReel: This Week in TV - 3.14.2010

Check out this week's all new episode of "This Week in TV" with Kendra and Rachel. 3 Exciting Segments this week: What We're Most Excited For on TV TV We Are Not At All Excited For Good News/Bad News/Good & Bad News Give it a watch and tell us what you think! This Week in TV - 3.14.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. Tell us what you are most and least excited for on TV here!

A rare thing happened this week.

Australian viewers got to see the latest ep (A561984) before the U.S. fans. If I had the tools to record it, I would have uploaded it by now, but *sigh* I don't. While I am not going to spoil it for anyone, it definately leaves the door open for an exciting 2nd half of the season when it returns in 2010.

Did anyone see the really bad editing

about 17 minutes in when Bryce is talking to Olivia about his condition there is a shot from the back of Bryce's head whilst he is talking and his lips aint moving and it sounds like a completly different voice! did anyone else see that or was it just my mind playing tricks?


the future can be changed but I'm still confused on one point why does nobody react to them living to moment that they have known is coming for 6 months personally i think the flash forwards were of a different time line in which they didn't have the flash forwards i thought that before hand but now it seems more likely but the only thing is why were they investigating mosaic, suppose we will have to wait and see... tbh we will probably not know until the end season which is a f***ing long time away i hope any ways but with tv as it is it might get cancelled before it has a chance to get to its own end

1x06, another pointless episode?

I thought the pilot and 1x02 were ok, and then I got that itchy feeling that the story was going no-where. Also I'm wondering whether Flash Forward is just copying too much of what made other series quite successful (such as the flashes used to death in Lost, except that in FF, they are flashes but in the future, so flash forward... errr... clever, really?). Anyway, so not original in that sense, how about piecing the bits of the puzzles just so they can eventually save the cheerleader? :) I don't think that this is going too well. The trip to germany and the clues about crows episode was a bit of a let down. Halloween 1x06 was another. Actually in 1x06, you have to waste 41 minutes of pure nothingness before finding a nice litte clue during the last 5 seconds. How cr*p is this?

I thought this was a good concept for a TV Show, but...

Alright lets set aside any Lost similarities that people are seeing and all that jazz for a moment and just look at the show for what it is. When I first heard about this show I wanted to watch it and so I watched the pilot intently and enjoyed it. I thought "Wow, this is actually quite a good concept for a TV show why hadn't people thought of it before?" Episode two came along and it just seemed like they were trying to keep the pace going and keep the watchers intriguied. I was still enjoying it. Now when I watch a new show I give it a trial run, I'll watch the first four to five episodes and give it a fair chance to develop the story. Well I've just watched episode four and I'm not sure whether I want to continue. Episode 3 was rather slow but I quite liked that it sort of calmed the story down a bit and made it easier to take in, not everything has to be fast paced in order to keep the audience engaged, a good story has that. Now they have a good IDEA for a story, but in their haste to develop the story and get everyone asking all these different questions they have fallen into so many cliches and plot holes that they are in serious danger of killing a show that has some serious potential. For instance, we've been learning everyones different FF's and it's been interesting to see what is going to happen to everyone. And they've gone with the "let's try to figure out our FF's to stop them happening!" approach. Sticky situation right there, if they're stopping the FF's from happening then they are changing the future, that's cool I can dig it, they're saving people. But there is a strong possibilty that in their FF's they have already had the FF and so they're seeing a FF of what would happen if they try to prevent the FF. Agent Bentford would never have been put on the case to solve the FF crisis, except for the fact that in his FF he was solving the FF crisis. Olivia and Bryce would have never saved Mr Ned if he hadn't had his FF because Bryce wouldn't have looked for an explanation for the fact that he turned Black and so he would have died in surgery. It's all getting a bit too much too early on. The 'profound' questions and lines are starting to get annoying as well. The script writier's are putting in lines like "We were so worried about the FF happening again, we never stopped to think that it might have happened before!" Cue the actors saying it the emtionless, 'shocked', gasping voice that is starting to grate on me. Then in episode four with the blonde terrorist lady, "you're so fixed on finding what caused the blackout and who caused the blackout, you're not concetrating on why?" Oooh profound, except for the fact that in order to find out why it happened they need to find whoever or whatever caused it. The fact that they keep piling all these on each week it's getting annoying trying to keep up, one second they're looking at this then the next its at that. BLACK SWAN! Ok, this episode was quite bad (IMO, you may have enjoyed it I have no problem with that). The acting was poor across the board, don't get me wrong it wasn't quite as bad as most of the crap on TV today but considering the past few eipsodes have been fairly ok I was quite dissappointed. Yet another week with an awful accent, last week the Nazi prisoner, this week the drug dealer. That pissed me off so much, rather than have a cliche eastern-european speak english just do it in english. The whole chase as soon as he heard FBI was awful as well. Cliche to the max! Why didn't he leave caustiously through the back exit? It's not like anyone would have noticed. But he had to cause a scene so the FBI would chase him. Dominic Monaghan was in at the end though, one of the reasons I'm tempted to keep watching along with Michael Ealy. Jack Davenport is tied in with it all but, lets be honest, who was shocked at that? I had a feeling he had soemthing to do with it. Mark is pushed to drink by his FF, Davenport is a baddy who is told that Olivia's husband is working the case, the marriage is rocky and having already developed a relationship with her he is sent in to woo her while Marky is killed? Possible. Would also explain why Charlie knows that "D. Gibbons is a bad man" as the chances are she may have met him. As people have already expressed, they didn't just see but they felt how they would feel six months from then, so Charlie may have felt like D. Gibbons was a bad man. Those are my problems with the show. I'm seriously tempted to give it at leats a few more episodes till I make my final decision but it's not looking good for me, how about you guys?

Flashforward: A good way to see if the visions are trues

ok Why don't they just ask for someone if he had a vision and if he says yes they kill him. If the visions are true, something is going to happen that will make them stop and they aren't true then the guy will die. I know it's cruel but sacrifices must be done to know the truth :p P.S I'm not a psycho but thats the only way to verify without mistakes