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plot after april 29th 2010

Is it just me thats wondering were the stories going to go after time catchess up with the flash forward? The main reason i watch this program is to see the events leading upto the point in time that they saw in the flash forward. Please leave ideas. thanks epi

Flashforward is going slowmotion

Flashsorward is an amazing show with an original story, but the story goes really slowly. I mean during an episode with found out nothing except at the end when there is a revelation so the writers should consantrate about giving as much information but during all the episode and not just pitch it in the end. because during 123 sekeindes (sorry if I miss-spelled it) I was bored an could wait for it to end so we finally get an evolution.

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Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! It was fun to see what shows win your Monday Timeslots and Wednesday Timeslots so now let's talk the busiest TV night of all: Thursday! Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Wednesday timeslots! Thursday at 8/7c: FlashForward on ABC Bones on Fox Community / Parks & Recreation on NBC (Community's new time starting this week!) Vampire Diaries on The CW Survivor: Samoa on CBS Thursday at 9/8c: The Office on NBC Grey's Anatomy on ABC Fringe on Fox Supernatural on The CW CSI on CBS Thursday at 10/9c: The Mentalist on CBS Private Practice on ABC The Jay Leno Show on NBC It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX

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Flashforward in a LOSTish atmosphere

I watched the pilot episode of FF, I was very excited though. . But after the first 15 minutes one can easily predict that it clearly brings out a LOSTish environment. It has got some scenes which bonds it together with LOST .Less twists and turns. Probably lets hope that it may get better in the upcoming episodes . How did you guys feel about FF? Finally , Those who love LOST will surely find FF pretty interesting .

any one else notice the seth mcfarlen cameo?

during the briefing at around 18:00

Did the animals blacked out to?

I think the title tells it all Did the animals blacked out to? P.S: I'm sure the kangooroo did it...

FlashForward Pilot: Will FlashForward Really be the New Lost? - Featured

Since the cryptic promos aired during the Lost season finale, the buzz has been all about how FlashForward could be the new Lost! Conveniently, FlashForward has premiered during the season that will be Lost's final season, giving it the perfect in for getting paired with Lost, then taking over for Lost next season with FlashForward already nicely established. So what do you think now that you've gotten to see the Pilot ? Is FlashForward as awesome as Lost? Is it thrilling enough to replace it, or do you feel like it's not actually that similar or is too similar (note Penny, Charlie, time flashes, an Oceanic Air billboard...)? Sound off in the comments!


is there some reason why the first episode of flashforward is not showing up on my tv listing for this coming i was looking to see when it airs as the first episode is going to be shown here in the uk next monday the 28th and i thought i may have missed the first episode on here

Thoughts on this?

This sounds good and from what ive seen looks good too, plus its a new concept, i think. Hopefully it will be good, cant have enough new and good television shows. Thoughts?