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Dunham parents permission?

I'm currently watching 'The road not taken', and it occured to me, that whilst Olivia is angry at Walter for doing hte tests on her, or letting William Bell do the tests, how did she get there in the first place? Im sure they didn't during school hours or something, so wouldnt her parents have to have given permission to run these trials on her? Shouldnt she be angry at them?

Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Thursday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! It was fun to see what shows win your Monday Timeslots and Wednesday Timeslots so now let's talk the busiest TV night of all: Thursday! Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Wednesday timeslots! Thursday at 8/7c: FlashForward on ABC Bones on Fox Community / Parks & Recreation on NBC (Community's new time starting this week!) Vampire Diaries on The CW Survivor: Samoa on CBS Thursday at 9/8c: The Office on NBC Grey's Anatomy on ABC Fringe on Fox Supernatural on The CW CSI on CBS Thursday at 10/9c: The Mentalist on CBS Private Practice on ABC The Jay Leno Show on NBC It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX

hypothesis about invaders

i believe the invaders maybe lead by the walter of the parallel universe whom walter took peter from it is obvious that our walter took this peter when his peter died from that disease and if he was crazy enough to do that to replace his dead son why wouldn't his other self from the parallel world go nuts


finished watching the first episode of season 2 of fringe fantastic don't get why they had to kill off charlie but hey there you go thought it was funny when walter asked peter's permisson to travel with the body hope that the new girl is allowed to join the team full time and not just for one or two episodes also good to see that walter is still as loopy as ever bet you were all sat there nodding your heads when the new agent said to peter is he mad cos i was roll on episode 2 this is going to be a great season

The Cow

I know this is not a HOT topic based on the show's mythology but I was wondering if anyone else notice the cow about 22 minutes in. She looked horribly emaciated. Does anyone know is this season's cow a rescue? What is her story??

Only if you have seen season 2 opener!

After numerous articles have been written about how fringe is a copy of the x-files, I guess the director decided to poke a little fun at it. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but when he kills the first guy in the apartment right after the car crash, the x-files is playing on the television in the background. Way to go, directors! I loved the x-files and I am starting to love fringe more and more!!

Thursday Night TV: What Will You Be Watching? - Featured

Tonight is officially the first night of the new TV season that I am finding myself overwhelmed. I counted 'em up, and there's an embarrassing 5.5 hours of TV that I intend on watching tonight. This includes: From the NBC comedy lineup - the season premieres of Parks & Recreation and The Office and the series premiere of Community . The Season 2 Fringe premiere on Fox. Vampire Diaries on The CW . And from cable: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX and Project Runway / Models of the Runway (why I haven't been able to part with this nonsense is a mystery) on Lifetime Television . Yikes! And...soon enough I'll also have the entire ABC Thursday lineup ( FlashForward , Grey's Anatomy and *gulp*... Private Practice ) to get through... and 30 Rock on NBC come October (I'm boycotting SNL Weekend Update Thursday for now to save a 1/2 hour) . That will bring my eventual Thursday Night TV Tally up to a shameful 9 hours! There's also the stuff I'm not watching, which includes some perfectly respectable and entertaining TV: Bones (premiering tonight on FOX), Supernatural , Survivor: Samoa (premieres tonight on CBS)...and as of next week, CSI and The Mentalist . So...do you all find yourselves in a similar predicament on Thursday evenings? What shows will you all be watching? Will anybody be watching more than my potentially seizure-inducing 9 hours worth?

Fringe: Are We Over Here Or Over There?

I slightly hate myself for not figuring this out. So we all know Fringe ended its first season by showing us the existence of a parallel universe, one where William Bell's apparently been hiding, in a still-existent World Trade Center. While it's understandable that we'd see characters cross over from what they call "over here" to what they call "over there" (as Livy just did), I didn't realize that the crew can take that aspect up and use it to confuse us. "Which reality are we in when season 2 begins?" floated the folks at TVGuide.com. They're saying it's an important question in the season premiere, and of course, that goes without saying that it'll be a question throughout the entire season. In other words, some scenes will be set over here, and some scenes will be set over there, and we won't be told which universe we are in. Sure, we'll notice that a few details are there--if we see the WTC in the New York skyline, it means we're over there--but for the most part, I think it'll be an important twist to how we watch the show a couple of weeks from today. Maybe something like Livy's dreams last season? Remember when she saw two burnt bodies when everybody else saw only one? But that's a warning, yes, so I'm guessing that doesn't count. I'm imagining a situation when, say, the parallel version of Walter dies but we'll initially think it's the actual Walter. Someone floated that idea in one of my previous write-ups, and now it makes perfect sense. (DilutedBetter, you're a genius.) So that possibly means that a parallel version of Peter and Olivia will kiss, as most of you want to see. (Disclaimer: I don't.) What I'm trying to say is, as we've all seen in the first season, what happens there will affect what happens here, and whatever happens to the parallels could mean life or death for the actuals (to borrow a Dollhouse term). I'm looking again at the photos from the Fringe season premiere, and now I'm thinking: is the car accident in a parallel universe? Oh, wait, it can't be, since parallel Peter is playing actual Peter, or so we all think. Unless--and this is a crazy idea--it turns out Walter took something from parallel Peter and made himself a brand new actual Peter? Okay, that is crazy. Source Here


I just want to say that I think fringe is the most excitingly inventive show since The Others aired a decade or so ago. I've never seen any following for that one and it's not even on disc; but fringe, although not about the same subject matter, is right up there with it.

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As usual, we got a batch of new shows from the major networks this fall. Some have already bitten the dust, some have become huge successes, and some have their fates hanging in the balance! Excluding midseason newbies since we'll have to wait longer for their fates, here's the current rundown on this season's fall freshman shows. Do you think the renewals and cancellations so far have been good choices? Of the shows left to be determined, what are you hoping will get a season 2 pick-up? To Be Determined Stylista Renewed Dollhouse 90210 True Blood Fringe Gary Unmarried The Mentalist Canceled My Own Worst Enemy Opportunity Knocks Do Not Disturb Life on Mars The Ex List Easy Money Crusoe Privileged Kath and Kim Eleventh Hour Knight Rider (2008) Valentine Worst Week Related Stories: CW Renews 6! True Blood Lust: Who's Fanging Who in Season 2? True Blood: Get a First Look at Season Two! Cancellation Buzz: NBC's Heroes Will Fly Again, but Knight Rider Is Out of Gas Cancellation Buzz: ABC Officially Cancels Life On Mars Cancellation News: Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy CBS pulls the Ex-List We Have a Winner: The Disturbance Has Ended