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Doesn't anyone else think this show is crap! I mean there;s a guy who keeps showing up in photos right at the front, staring at the camera, and it takes them ! year to find him!?

anna torv and blake lively

i know this is bit random but the first time i saw fringe i thought the lead actress anna torv was blake lively from gossip girl...loool. they have the same face structure, same lips which are always to the side and i swear they both have a lisp..sorry just had to comment about it cos it was buggin me. has anyone else seen the resemblance or am i mad.


Wow. I just went through to delete and edit links for Fringe's Pilot episode. Out of all the links provided, 15 in total right now, only two of them were NOT the same bloody Hulu link. Not all of us are from the US Please, can we try to post links suitable for all SideReel users? That would be awesome! It took me an hour to go through a slew of hulu links. Do we really need the same hulu link fifteen times in a row??

I... Love... WALTER!!

My brother intoduced me to Fringe a day after the first episode. He likend it to a modern X-files w/o any aliens. Ever sence I've been hooked and followed the show. I love it and don't care what you haters think!!

Could anyone make it thru Episode 3 of Fringe?

I consider myself a well rounded Sci-Fi geek thanks to my Uncle Chris who gave me old copies of his Issac Asimov weekly novel magazine (they looked just like Reader's Digest). Since then I have been hooked. As for Fringe , I watched the pilot earlier this year, like April, and loved it. The 2nd Episode was very enjoyable as well, and I was worried that it wouldn't be able to live up to the pilot. However, last night I found myself yawning and totally loosing interest. I think I started texting a friend in the middle of it and didn't care that I was missing the show. What's the deal? Am I the only one who felt this way? What went wrong with last night's episode?

Fringe Round 2: Are you officially a Fringe-fanatic?

The premiere of Fringe was definitely set up to impress and it most certainly did! So did the second episode pack enough punch to keep you watching? Are you all on board the Fringe-fanatic train or not sure you'll continue on?

Episode 2: What was that last image?

Fringe is turning out to be really interesting. It's a bizarre show! For episode 2, what was that image of those 3 men? Anyone know?

Which is better? True Blood or Fringe? (no Moonlight comments please)

Both have potential... But which is better?!?!?

Fringe Premiere: Cheers or Jeers?

With all the hype around the J.J. Abrams' newbie, did Fringe deliver? While it's not my genre of choice, the Fringe premiere had some pretty ridiculously cool stuff going on and a fantastic set-up for the season! Are you completely hooked after this premiere or still waiting to be impressed?

Tonight's Premieres: What will you be watching?

In case you haven't heard the massive amount of hype, J.J. Abrams' new series, Fringe premieres tonight on Fox at 8/7c! This will be an hour and 1/2 premiere, then next week it'll move to its timeslot of 9/8c for hour-long episodes (airing after the return of House - hooray!) Check out all the buzz in SideReel's Fringe News ! Also, really now if you haven't heard much about it, tonight kicks of The CW 's new show, Privileged at 9/8c. Check out the new series: Preview The CW's Privileged ! With these newbies taking the stage, what will you be watching tonight? Fringe Privileged 90210 The Shield Greek The Secret Life of The American Teenager Photo courtesy of imageshack.us