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Who will die?

After watching the newest episode of GW, i couldn't help but wonder who the board keeps referring to. and to make matters more worse & exciting, it's going to be someone that Melinda knows!!! Who do you think it'll be?

which episode?

does anyone know which season/episode of Ghost Whisperer, Wentworth Miller from prison Break was on?

Melinda's Closet

I've been a huge fan of Melinda's clothes since the very beginning: I really love her style. But I haven't been able to find on the web a site, or a blog or anything where there are photos (of all the clothes!), where the designer are listed and more important where I can find them! Any clue?...Please?....

Eli's Dad

Is the person playing Eli's Dad the same actor who played the girls Grandfather in like series 2 or something? He look familiar?

Which Jim is it anyway?...

OK I'm lost. Jim is supose to be LEGALY dead but living inside Sam's body, right? So when Melinda got married last season she actually married Sam, right? Well 2 things bother me: 1- How can Sam be a doctor after only 5 years when he doesn't LEGALY have Jim's background as a rescuer? 2 - How come in episode 4 you clearly hear a nurse call him "Dr Clancy"?...is he not suppose to dead for very one except for their friends who know the truth? I'm confused???

Sick of Delia?

I don't know about everyone else but I am absolutely sick of this show making Delia look like a "catch". In real life, she would never get hit on like that, and personally I find it annoying to even portray it. Anyone?

So Excited about tonight's Premier

Totally! Can't wait to see the baby!


When does the next season start? thank you


This episode, was very sentimantal... I was so happy when she got Jim back. I was worried that she had lost him forever...^ ^ cant wait for the next episode...:)

Ghost whisper

I love ghost whisper it is so... Like awesome!!!