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Ghost Whisperer Producers Counting Down to Season 5 Premiere

Here we go! We've made it to final episode for Season 4 we kick off Season 5. Believe it or not, we're still putting finishing touches on our premiere episode, but should have it all locked up at the beginning of next week. Yikes! In our season premiere, you will be personally introduced to Melinda and Jim's new baby at the moment the baby is put into Melinda's arms. At that moment, Melinda and Jim will send, online, to all their Ghost Whisperer friends, a customized baby announcement with fabulous photos and details about their precious new gift. To receive this exciting up-to-the-moment bundle of joy (birth announcement!), register now by clicking here. And, tell your friends. We can't wait to share this once in a lifetime exciting Ghost Whisperer moment with you. And stay tuned to discover if Mel's baby has a "gift" related to the spirit world... and, if so, what's the "gift." To kick off Season 5, we've created a revolutionary interactive GHOST WHISPERER GHOST MAGIC music video. You can interact with the ghost and it will reveal clues and secrets about the spirit world. We'll provide more details for you right here, so check back in with us before the premiere. We've heard many of you are going to host Ghost Whisperer Premiere Parties all over the country - make sure you share with us how those screening parties go. Please be sure to join our Facebook group. Set up your profile, send us photos of you and your family and friends watching the show. Be sure to post comments! We love hearing from you. To Read More Click Here .

Ghost Whisperer Episode 5.01 "Birthday Presence" Promotional Photos

Check out the promotional photos for the season five premiere of Ghost Whisperer here

Ghost Whisperer: Season 5 Preview

Last season Ghost Whisperer plunged into new territory by literally rocking the foundations of the series with a new mythology: love transcends death. When the show returns for season 5 this fall, it would be set five years into the future ---in what promises to be a darker, deeper season of supernatural intrigue. I won't giveaway too much away but, obviously, since Melinda and Jim/Sam have already eloped last season, Ghost Whisperer season 5 is all about their new life together and the changes they have to endure now that their "special" child is born. "This season's big story is going to be driven by Melinda and Jim's new little guy, Aiden. Carl the Watcher told Melinda that her son would be able to do what she did, "and much, much more" -- and he wasn't lying. From the first episode -- brilliantly directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt -- it will become apparent what some of those gifts are. And that's because, yes, we're jumping five years ahead," Ghost Whisperer executive producers P.K. Simmons wrote on his blog. Bringing in a baby into the plot almost always ruins a show but I'm optimistic that this will open a lot of doors for season 5. It also fuels interesting storylines for Melinda and Jim, now that they're parents who will be taking their parenting role very seriously. And since the baby is going to be able to see and sense things that his mother Melinda can't, we can expect a whole other plane of existence that we never knew existed, including a dimension that is populated by beings both good and very bad ---some of which don't want to be seen at all. It's actually very creepy when you think about it. Ghost Whisperer season 5 premiers Friday, September 25 on CBS. Source Here

CBS Considering 'Medium' & 'Ghost Whisperer' Crossover - Featured

Now that " Medium " is under CBS' roof, there is a bigger chance that it will crossover to " Ghost Whisperer ". Both shows, being the ones with supernatural elements, are to fill the Friday night slots for the network this Fall. CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler told reporters on Monday, August 3 that CBS indeed has a lot of plans for "Medium". When asked whether Patricia Arquette's Allison may bump into Jennifer Love Hewitt's Melinda somewhere along the season, Tassler won't say no. "It's never too soon (to consider)," she said. "Their mythologies are different, and we haven't talked about a crossover, but it's possible. I think right now, the shows have a different language. They have a different skill set, different rules, etc., but once we get the show launched and comfortable in its time period, we could certainly talk about it." During the occasion, Tassler also revealed the network's happiness in taking over "Medium" from NBC. "On behalf of the studio, I don't think NBC really treated the show the way it should have been treated, where it was put on the schedule, how it was supported. To get Emmy winner Patricia Arquette on Friday night for us was a home run," she gushed. Both "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer" premiere on September 25. Creator Glenn Gordon Caron revealed he has bought the rights to horror classic "Night of the Living Dead" in order to put monsters inside "Medium". Source Here

'Ghost Whisperer' Cast Talks Baby Superpower and Time Jump

As it turns out, Ghost Whisperer is indeed going ahead with its plan to jump five years into the future a la Desperate Housewives. Camryn Manheim, who plays Delia Banks on the CBS series, says the upcoming season as "scary." "There's another underlining darkness to it," says Manheim, adding that Melinda's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) baby will indeed have some powers, but the Ghost Whisperer showrunners are still figuring out what he can and cannot do. "Where Melinda has embraced her powers fully for herself, she hasn't embraced it in this situation and it's very complex and complicated." What does the five-year jump mean for Delia? For starters, her teenage son Ned (Christoph Sanders) will be in college, while her character is dating and back to real estate. "It's nice baecuase we get to reinvent it again. As for Hewitt, she said it's "definitely fun" to play new mother because as a mom, she can be a little bit feisty. After the jump, her baby will be at least four years old, old enough to do things other than cry and ask for milk. It was also previously revealed that the child "holds so much promise" - perhaps even more than his mom. In fact, an impending battle between good and evil might be resolved by the baby as "the key." Source Here

Jennifer Love Hewitt Joins Team Edward

In this recent interview actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer) tells MTV News that she is a big fan of Robert Pattinson and Twilight Saga: New Moon based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer. Watch The Video

'Ghost Whisperer' Game on the Works

Want to experience talking to ghosts for yourself? While CBS series Ghost Whisperer is currently on hiatus en route to its September 25 return, the network's Consumer Products group recently inked a deal with video game developer Legacy Interactive to create a video game based on the supernatural drama. Set to be called Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands, the game will have players take on the role of the series' central character Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love-Hewitt, who has the ability to talk to spirits. The "light adventure" will feature puzzle-solving elements within five different stories to be told across 30 environments. The focus of the game, as with the real Ghost Whisperer, is to help lost souls return to the afterlife by resolving whatever unfinished business they may have that prevents them from crossing over, so to speak. Players must also collect objects for their inventory to solve challenging puzzles. Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands is set for an early 2010 release, while Ghost Whisperer the television series returns to CBS for its fifth season on September 25. According to Legacy president and chief executive Ariella Lehrer said, "Legacy Interactive is pleased to work with CBS Consumer Products to bring Ghost Whisperer to the gaming world ... Ghost Whisperer has an incredible and enthusiastic fan base and we will strive mightily to exceed their expectations." Source Here

Jennifer Love-Hewitt Wishes She's Real-Life 'Ghost Whisperer'

After four seasons of playing Melinda on Ghost Whisperer , Jennifer Love Hewitt admits that at times people on the street would approach her, mistaking her for the someone who can really talk to ghosts, like her character on the CBS series. "They'll come up to me and they're sobbing because they've lost someone," she tells The National Ledger, adding that some people actually think she has similar psychic abilities. Hewitt, 30, adds that she sometimes wishes she's a real-life Ghost Whisperer. "I wish I was the person they think I am and that I could help, but I'm just an actress playing a part." Yet after four years of playing Melinda Gordon, Hewitt concedes that she had become undeniably close with her fictional character. "I feel Melinda has become almost like my best friend. I get affected by what's happening to her. There are definitely days where I need to go home and unwind!" The season 5 premiere of Ghost Whisperer is set on September 25. On "Birthday Presence," a woman who died during childbirth wants to be reunited with her son, while pregnant Melinda undergoes immediate C-Section. There were also talks of a five-year jump ala Desperate Housewives , but nothing is confirmed as of the moment. Source Here

Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Cutbacks on 'Ghost Whisperer'

If you think successful shows such as Ghost Whisperer are spared from the runaway economy and the pressure for TV to reduce costs, think again. The star and co-producer of the CBS sci-fi series Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed in an interview with E! Online that even Ghost Whisperer, which is doing fairly well in the ratings game, need to tighten its belt if it wants to remain afloat. "We are a special effects show, so some of our special effects stuff has had to be cut in half. We haven't been able to do any actor raises for season five. We've had to cut budgets here and there. They have also been talking about shooting our show on HD to save money." The show goes on, however, for Hewitt, 30, who adds that she is very much looking forward to next season's storyline, which means motherhood for her character Melinda. "So far, the series has been about her talking to ghosts, but also keeping herself safe and fighting the Darkside. Now, she's not only looking out for herself, but looking out for a child as well." Speaking at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Hewitt also talked about her so-far blossoming love life with co-star and comedian Jamie Kennedy. She clarified her statement about giving Kennedy the ultimatum to propose and said it was taken out of context. "What I meant by it is, I was engaged and so now all of the sudden because I was engaged once in my life I can't do anything else but get engaged again... I can't just be happy and have a great boyfriend and travel around the world. Those things are not fantastic enough for people... Of course, there's something underneath there. I do think after a year and a half, if he isn't thinking.." Catch the return of Ghost Whisperer on September 25 8pm on CBS. Source Here

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'The Mentalist,' 'Bones,' 'Fringe,', Greek' and more!

[Image: | width=302px | height=165x]] For all of us, why have no patience when it comes to out favourite shows, here's the latest Q&A Question: I'm wondering if it's too early for anything related to House . September seems so far away - Definitely not too early. House's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest-inspired season premiere has been expanded to two hours and is being directed by exec producer Katie Jacobs. Holla! Question: You probably get this a lot, but I don't have an agent. I don't have anything. What I do have is previous experience being a patient at Greystone Park State Hospital, the New Jersey psychiatric facility that is doubling as House's temporary home. It would be a true honor to go back there as a quasi-sane person and go play the nut I once was. Think you can tell your insider about me? Everyone's got to get a break somehow, right? - Answer me this: How are you on the drums? Producers are currently on the prowl for an older actor who "stomps to his own beat" and is a "real percussionist" to play one of House's fellow patients. They're also looking for a young actress who can play the cello if that's a better fit for you. Let me know and I'll see if I can set something up. Given your history, you may have to audition via closed circuit camera from the McDonald's across the street from the studio. It's nothing personal. It's just a safeguard in case you lunge at Katie Jacobs with a hammer. BTW, all of these casting calls have me thinking House is going to form his own loony bin pit band. Hugh Laurie has already established that he can sing as well as play the piano, guitar, harmonica and saxophone. Call me crazy, but I think I'm on to something here. Question: Is Brian Austin Green doing or not? - Not. As I teased last week, Green's reps got cold feet and pulled out of the deal. [[Lipstick Jungle hottie [[Robert Buckley has just signed on to replace him. Question: Can you give me anything on Lost ? - Contrary to what a loose-lipped agency assistant Twittered yesterday, no deals are in place for any season 1 Lost alums to return for the show's sixth and final season. That said, I can confirm that Team Darlton is checking the availability of several MVPs. My guess: We'll get the official scoop on who's returning at Comic-Con next month. Question: So, how's about a little Bones scoop? I heard that Booth does remember who Bones is, but he thinks that his dream was real, so he's just confused. Any truth to that? - Sounds like a question for exec producer Hart Hanson. "Booth's problem isn't remembering who Brennan is," he tells me, "it's remembering which Brennan she is." Sneaky! Question: Are we ever going to find out who Red John is on The Mentalist ? - Yes, but first PJ is going to need some help. Enter California Bureau of Investigation Agent Sam Glenn. The new recurring character, currently being cast, heads up the division handling the Red John investigation and is apparently the one person who doesn't get seduced by Simon Baker's pretty face. He's also Lisbon's (Robin Tunney) onetime mentor and ex, so cue the flying sparks! Question: Loved the Burn Notice premiere. What's ahead? - The show is currently in production on its midseason finale, and as Jeffrey Donovan reveals, it's chock-full of Fiona-Michael drama -- most of which is triggered by the appearance of that evil Irishman (Paul Blackthorne) from Fi's past. And now for something timelier: In tonight's episode, Fiona plants a wet one on birthday boy Michael. (Her real gift cuts deeper.) Question: Is there still time to get producers of Ghost Whisperer to change their minds about this five-year flash forward? I think it's a mistake. - Don't think so. Any and all hope of getting them to un-ring the time jump bell was pretty much lost on Tuesday when they put out a casting call for Meli