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Who really ruined Gilmore Girls?

I keep hearing people say that April and Christopher ruined Gilmore Girls but without Christopher there wouldn't be Rory so no Gilmore Girls. So i would like to hear your input on who you think ruined Gilmore Girls

A WB Valentine's: Who Should our Fav WB Characters Be With? - Featured

Here at SideReel, we love, love, love The WB ! And we know you do too! Some of all of our favorite shows back in the day (well, the 90's and on a bit) were WB shows with tons of heart and lots of very endearing characters. So, since it's Valentine's Day, let's talk about some WB lovin! Below I've listed some main characters from SideReel's fav older WB shows, so we want to know if you think the characters who did end up with someone ended up with the right someone, and for those main characters left without final love interests, we want to know who you think they should they be with. And don't get too offended here, we're all about empowering the awesomeness of singledom as well, so if you think it's great that character was left living the single life, tell us that too! Gilmore Girls Lorelai & Luke Rory as a single lady Veronica Mars Veronica & Logan - or so we assume! Dawson's Creek Joey & Pacey Dawson single & living his career dream Felicity Felicity & Ben The O.C. Seth & Summer Ryan & possibly Taylor Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy being her strong, awesome, single self Share your thrills at these endings or love match dreams below!

Privileged's Will and Gilmore Girls's Logan: A Theory

The theory is this: Viewers of both shows who like the character of Will on Privileged (Megan's hunky but perhaps a little spoiled neighbor) were probably also fans of Logan on Gilmore Girls . So far we are proving this theory correct: She likes both Will and Logan, and I don't care very much for either of them! Where do you fall? Did you like Logan during the Gilmore Girls days? Do you care for the handsome Will, despite his occasional whining? Privileged has, in some ways, filled the hole that was left when Gilmore Girls ended - I just find it so refreshing to see a TV show about teens and an early 20-something girl that isn't, well, trashy. Tonight's season finale is titled "All About a Brand New You!" and features Kathy Griffin as the wedding planner for Marco and Keith's wedding. There's a ton of other drama, including (but not limited to) issues with Megan's dad, a Spring break-related tiff between Rose and Sage, and Luis's refusal to attend a gay wedding. Source here

A couple of nice ladies

They really seem like good people. .

Season 6!!!!!

Im really wanting to watch season 6 but there arn't many links, does anybody have them, i really want to watch it. Thankyou sophie lauren.

it doesn't work!!!

None of the links work! Can someone please post one that does??!?!?!!?

gilmore girls

does anyone know if they have decided to make the two hour long movie yet?


ok i just started rewatching the whole series and im watching season three and i of course have fallen in love with jess again but did anyone notice that once jess and rory finally got together you hardly actually see them together?? arghh and considering i know hes going to take off soon youd think they would have given him a tad more screen time. hmm i spose this review is 4 years late.. thats my rant god jess was gorgeous i dont want to watch heroes coz i dont want to see milo grown up haha. i LOVE LOVE LOVE gilmore girls!!


anybody else find april oh so annoying?

Life and death brigade

Is it just me or do you totaly want to join the life and death brigade? it looks like sooo much fun!