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Found Final Episode

Hey, I found a website where you can download gilmore girls episodes, even season 7 episode 22. It's kind of annoying cause they're in short clips, but if you download all the clips then play them one after another its OK. The website is

final episode

I agree. i just spent the last four weeks catching up with the final season and its a real disappointment not to have the final episode!!! please, please put it up for us to see.

Last episode

Heyy do you think you could post the very last episode on here? The one where they have the bon voyage?? That would be amazing!! i love this show!!

i love this series

do you think there is a season 8? im looking forward to that . i really love this tv series..


I have see it come on tv but i just passed right by it... well when it went off.... i looked it up.. and i cant stop watching it... im on s3 e6... this is my 3rd fave tv show

Ohhh gilmore girls

I am absolutely 1500000% addicted to this show. I have dreams that i live in Stars Hollow. The characters are amazing. All of the jokes and the twists and turns in the plot are awesome. I am in love.

concerning gilmore girls

side reel you seriously need to sort out your website for the past 2 days every episode of Gilmore girls, i've tried to download it displays in a tiny box in the upper left hand corner of the page, and if you full screen it once it's been completed. It crops out half of the picture, so sort it out!