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Is it just me or is there too much singing?

Don't get me wrong I love glee and I understand that yesterday's episode was an homage to Madonna so they needed to sing many of her songs to pay their respects. But I'm scared that this will become a weekly thing with close to five songs per episode and then it'll get to that point where its a bit overkill. Or maybe I am the one confused thought it was a meant to be a TV show with a musical aspect and not a musical disguised as a TV show? The episode had a lovely message though and their rendition of 'Like A Prayer' completely brightened my day and I liked the fact that some of the minor characters like Santana got to sing and play important roles.

The BEST Glee audition up there - vocals to rival Lea Michele!!

Hi everyone! I don't know how many of you have been following the open casting call for Season 2, but I've been keeping up with the videos from Day 1. I've come across some okay auditions, but I couldn't really see anyone singing on Lea's level... until I found this girl!! SHE'S AMAZING!! She deserves some votes so go on over and watch her video/rate her... you won't be disappointed!!


this is one of the series I am adding to my collection, I absolutley Love it, the drama the singing the dancing...one show leaves you wanting more....

Glee Gang Meet Oprah

Leave it to the Gleeks to be up and at 'em on this early April morning—and checking things of their bucket lists! "That was thee most amazing thing I've ever experienced! Oprah is the sweestest woman I've ever met!," star Amber Riley (Mercedes) gushed via Twitter Saturday morning. "I'm partying tonight!" She, of course, is referring to the cast of Glee's just taped appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, set to air Wednesday, April 7, and she, of course, is not the only one. In fact, her fellow castmates were equally excited about their hour with the Queen of daytime, one going as far as...a marriage proposal?!

AI's Todrick Hall on Glee?

In this Curtain Call after his elimination on American Idol, Todrick Hall says that he would love to be on Glee (since he is an amazing dancer a good enough singer - autotune can fix that!) We just have to see if he's got the acting talent... Would you like to see Todrick Hall on Glee? Afterall, his arrangement to "Somebody to love" on American Idol did seem very similar to Glee's version and that was the performance that got him the most praise from the judges! ( Watch the Curtain Call here :

National Cheerleading Week: Save the Cheerleader or... Kill the Cheerleader? - Featured

Okay, so killing cheerleaders sounds a little morbid and like that's Sylar's job, but let's face it: TV and movie cheerleaders walk a thin line between cool and sexy and insanely annoying and bitchy. Since it's National Cheerleading Week here in the US of A, we thought we'd have a little fun with our favorite and/or most annoying TV cheerleaders by playing a game, kill-"bonk"-marry style. Inspired by the fact that Heroes ' Claire Bennet, the source of the "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" plotline/catch-phrase, has become one of the very most annoying cheerleader characters ever on TV (in my opinion, anyway) here's the game - and we're talking characters, here, not the lovely actresses - save the cheerleader or kill the cheerleader? While many of these characters have renounced or grown out of their cheerleading days, they were at one point bouncy little cheerleaders. Now we want to know which of these one-time (or forever) cheerleader characters you adore, so you would save if put in a situation like that of Hiro and Peter on the good old days of Heroes, or you would kill (maybe not as brutal as Sylar-style), for being an intolerable cheerleader character. Here's our list of popular characters who are or were cheerleaders, so copy the list (and add your own from shows we've missed), paste it in your comment, then note next to each who you'd save and who you'd kill! Heroes - Claire Bennet Glee - Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, Brittany Friday Night Lights - Lyla Garrity One Tree Hill - Peyton, Brooke, Haley Vampire Diaries - Elena, Caroline The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Grace Bowman Smallville - Lana Lang Dawson's Creek - Jen 10 Things I Hate About You (TV) - Bianca, Chasity Enjoy in good fun and happy national cheerleading week!

Naya Rivera on Twitter

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She's the dumb blonde cheerio girl but she's cute, beautiful, talented and she dances with a lot of 'Vitamin D' all the time. I hope we can see her talk more. Brittany: I find recipes... confusing. Brittany: It's not that, it's that most of us don't know how to bake. I find recipes confusing. xD




glee is officially taking over my life. its amazing. i cant live without it!!!!