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Glee Sneak Peeks: Guess Which Two Opposites Are Attracting? - Featured

It is so on! As Mark Salling, who plays Glee 's mohawked meathead Puck, told us earlier this year, the glee club is a practically a den of iniquity: "Everyone's hooking up with everyone." Indeed, the love polygon loop is closed next Wednesday on Glee when Puck hooks up with...Rachel (Lea Michele)? Wait a minute: Didn't he throw a Slushee in her face in the pilot? How could this happen? As Lea Michele says, "Rachel's definitely got a spot in her heart for Finn (Cory Monteith), but let's just say that Finn's not the only guy Rachel gets to have fun with this season." You can see the initial Puck-Rachel hookup in the sneak peek below, and then click in to see Puck serenade Rachel. Keep your eyes on the backup singers, and you'll spot Finn fighting off the green-eyed monster, and Quinn (Dianna Agron) seeing Puck through new eyes... Anybody else suddenly shipping Rachel-Puck? Last but not least, while we've got your attention, check out Mr. Shu (Matthew Morrison) doing bowdlerized '80s novelty rap. Glee airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox, and it's still freaking awesome. (If this show collapses in the back nine or in season two, it will be nothing less of a travesty, because the first 13 have been magical.) Check out the promos: E!Online - Glee Sneak Peeks: Guess Which Two Opposites Are Attracting?


SOURCE DIGITAL SPY Murphy: 'Glee like weekly movie musical' Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has admitted that production on the show is akin to staging a "movie musical every week". The executive producer explained what is entailed for just one episode of the hit Fox musical comedy, the New York Post reports. He said: "We have the whole season plotted out in terms of what the big events are. We sit in a room and come up with what the episode's themes are. As we write, we earmark which character gets a song." While penning the instalments, Murphy and the other producers listen to CDs that can range from contemporary pop to songs from various decades. Upon completion of the script, the five to eight tracks used per show are selected and the rights to the music are then cleared by music supervisor P.J. Bloom. Music producer Adam Anders creates demos with soundalike singers that stand in for the cast, while he completes background music and vocals. The actors lay down their tracks and later work on choreography with Zachary Woodlee. "No phase moves forward until I've approved everything," Murphy added. "It's like doing a movie musical every week. Fox ordered the show so early that I was able to spend a lot of time on it. "It's a very unusual show and had to be done with a lot of care. Each episode gets better and better." Murphy earlier confirmed that the cast will tour during the summer of 2010.

Glee Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 7 - 'Throwdown'

Sue makes the Glee kids compete against each other to sow seeds of dissension, then gets called into Principal Figgins' office, along with Will. Meanwhile, the kids rally to show their support for Quinn. Watch & Discuss: Watch Glee: Season 1, Episode 7 - 'Throwdown' Read Glee's Review: Season 1, Episode 7 - 'Throwdown'

Preview of 'Glee' 1.08: Mash-Up

Sunglasses, a wedding dress and a hallway mess, " Glee " will be one confusing episode next week. In a shocking reversal of roles, McKinley High's cool kids are dethroned in an "icy" fashion, and that means throwing a glass of icy drink right on the face. Meanwhile, Will composes a mash-up for a very special occasion after inspired by the students and Sue shows off her softer side. The episode entitled "Mash-Up" is airing on Wednesday, October 21. Being snubbed from NBC's Macy's Day Parade, "Glee" will commence with the national tour. "We're going to do what 'American Idol' has done and put the kids on the road," creator Ryan Murphy tells the New York Post. "It all equals revenue streams for Fox." Filming for the first season ends in Spring 2010, thus the jaunt may begin around summer. Besides, the songs coming out of the show have become hits on iTunes that Columbia Records is going to release a compilation of covers called "Glee: The Music, Volume 1" on November 3. It will go on sale for $9.99. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

GLEE "Throwdown" Episode 7 - Preview

Watch a preview and check out photos of Glee "Throwdown" Episode 7 airing Wednesday Oct. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Episode Synopsis: To cause dissention among the Glee Club members, Sue forces the students to compete against each other, but the real showdown happens when she and Will get called into the principal’s office. Meanwhile, the Glee kids rally to support Quinn after some shocking news is revealed in the "Throwdown" episode of Glee airing Wednesday, Oct. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox.

Oooh, NBC Got Burned By Gleeks

So we know what exactly happened, right? NBC executives took off the cast of Glee from the roster of this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Not really an unusual decision, since the parade is airing on NBC, and Glee is obviously one of the biggest things on Fox at the moment. Sources did say there were concerns that putting the show's cast on one of the biggest events of the year would amount to outright promotion. But the media pounced on the story, and obviously gleeks did, too. Some pointed out that previous parades had floats for High School Musical and American Idol , similarly big (if not bigger) franchises that aren't on NBC. Fans started calling the network's decision to yank the Glee kids a stupid move. I mean, everywhere I look, there are comments from fans that go "there goes the only reason why I'm watching this year's parade!" or "the peacock's big bosses have lost the plot!" But perhaps the funniest putdown came from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who didn't really seem to mind the yanking. "I completely understand NBC's position, and look forward to seeing a Jay Leno float," he told Entertainment Weekly. Yeowch, burn. Well, the outcry is definitely deserved. In the first place, it was Macy's which extended the invitation to the Glee cast, and it was only NBC who asked the stores to withdraw it. From where I am, the network suddenly looks like an insecure one who doesn't really know what to do--remember, Jay Leno's getting a lot of burn nowadays, too. But admittedly I'm pretty relieved to see that the Glee kids won't be there. Imagine the feeling when you see them everywhere--they've just wrapped up a tour and are planning another one; their songs are making a pretty significant dent on the iTunes charts; an album of those songs are coming out next month. Not that I want to get tired of them, but imagine High School Musical: they were everywhere and suddenly the taste got sour for some. Sure, the exposure for the show will be great--some figures put the number of viewers for last year's Macy's parade as triple that of a Glee episode--but too much exposure? Nope. I'd like to call it a blessing in disguise. At least we still have it, and it's still not out of control. Now, to continue calling NBC a bit insecure about not having something like Glee... Source Here

Windy City Stars Take Over TV

Chris O'Donnell, Erica Hubbard and Jane Lynch went from Chicago upbringings to Hollywood. What do Chris O'Donnell, Jane Lynch, Zach Gilford and Gary Sinise have in common? 1. They're all on TV this fall, and 2. They're all from the Chicago area. With new shows starring O'Donnell, Lynch, Colin Egglesfield, Danny Pudi and Aimee Garcia joining old standbys starring Gilford, Sinise, Cassidy Freeman and Jeff Garlin, you can't turn on your TV without watching a former Chicago resident. Factor in non-Chicago natives who went to school or worked here--Misha Collins, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, for example--and prime-time TV is bursting with Windy City ties. Many of the actors from freshman series with whom I talked didn't have a definitive explanation for the Chicago mafia's takeover of the TV schedule, but they do have theories. Read More Here Aimee Garcia and Danny Pudi worked in Chicago theaters before landing TV roles.

Glee Tour: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Macy's Float! - Featured

Good news for fans still reeling from NBC ousting Glee from the Thanksgiving Day Parade: Fox may be bringing Glee to you. Sources confirm that although it's in the very preliminary stages, Glee cocreator Ryan Murphy and his unhateable cast are setting their sights on a live tour sometime next year. "The studio and Ryan have said all along that if the show takes off, there will be tours," says one insider. And although the ratings are not necessarily blockbuster (yet holding strong, with about 7 million viewers), the show's dominance on iTunes and the Billboard charts (filling up four slots this week) have not gone unnoticed by Fox head Kevin Reilly... "We've had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from our music partners," Reilly told EW . "Certainly if these kids become stars in their own right, who knows? Live appearances. Albums. There's lots of things that could happen." Ryan Murphy said that the tour would most likely be scheduled around spring 2010, after production has wrapped on the first season. So although you won't see the Glee cast on the telly on Thanksgiving Day (unless Fox counterprograms NBC's Macy's Parade with a Glee marathon, which would be delicious), you could very well see them live in your own town. How's that for a bedazzled silver lining? See you in line... Source: E!Online - Glee Tour: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Macy's Float!

Glee Bumped From Macy's Parade

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but don't expect any glee at Thanksgiving. Sources confirm that the cast of Fox's hit series Glee will not take part in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which airs next month on NBC. According to sources, NBC and Fox had been in discussions for weeks about the Glee stars appearing when NBC decided to opt out. No contract had been signed; however, according to insiders on set, wardrobe and choreography was in the works and the cast had been informed they'd be taking part. Fox network and studio reps had no comment. At press time, NBC had not yet replied to a request for comment. Fox's stars have participated in the Macy's parade before-- American Idol singers have performed for the past six years. So why the Glee diss? Insiders tell me that no reason was given for the change. So while it's possible the higher-ups at NBC have overplayed their Glee iTunes downloads to the point of annoyance (as if such a thing could happen), it seems more likely that the peacock net might be a little concerned about the new competition... And yet, something tells me Glee will survive. Speaking of, this week's episode, "Throwdown," in which Will and Sue rip each other apart while trying to codirect the Gleesters, just might be the best episode yet. Will's headed to the ob-gyn with his (fake) pregnant wife, Teri, so you know things are gonna get interesting. What do you think of NBC's change of heart? Source: E!Online - Glee Bumped From Macy's Parade

'Glee' Preview: Rachel and Finn Take On "No Air"

The folks over at Yahoo! TV were nice enough to give us a preview at a pretty important clip from the next episode of Glee : Rachel and Finn, singing "No Air". Okay. That already sounds romantic. Isn't that, like, one of the ultimate I-can-feel-the-love-going-through-my-veins type of love songs? Goosebumpy, yes, and devoid of Finn's hyperactivity in last night's episode, which still freaks me out like one of those horror movie villains Sue was talking about. But the most important bit here, personally, is Quinn--stuck as a backing vocal, seeing her boyfriend sing it out with the girl of his dreams, and looking very much uncomfortable. But go on, take a look--hopefully it more than makes up for Emma's indecision regarding Will. Source & Preview